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The Wrap

🗞️The Wrap: Holiday Spirit

What does a day off mean for markets? What was the biggest fraud in market history? And who’s winning the…
The Wrap

🗞️The Wrap: Digital

Dividends on the blockchain, Joe Rogan is MINTED, and Facebook is going the long way around Africa. Enjoy.
The Wrap

🗞️The Wrap: Big in Japan

Japan can’t get enough of itself, Jordan journeys to 3 commas, and a chance to make your name as the…

Discussing the markets during COVID-19 from our homes, in our socks.


Episode 7: David Koch

You may have seen him on your TV but have you seen him in his socks? In this Ep of…

Episode 6: Yoshi Yokokawa

From algo trading to Y Combinator, in this Ep of Stocks In Socks, Matt sits down with Alpaca Co-Founder, Yoshi…

Episode 5: David Scutt

From the world of institutional banking to AusBiz news anchor, in this Ep of Stocks In Socks, Matt sits down…

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What I'm Trading

What I’m Trading – Andrew

This week, we hear from a long-time Stake customer who has just joined the team at Stake HQ. Hear about…
What I'm Trading

What I’m Trading – Bill

The inner workings of a million dollar portfolio. Stocks or options, this week's trader has a strategy for everything to…
What I'm Trading

What I’m Trading – Joel

Today on 'What I'm Trading', we speak with Joel, a Sydney based business development manager loving Beyond Meat and other…

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How Zero Works

Commission-free brokerage is sweeping the world. In this article, we look how $0 brokerages make money to be able to…
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Imagine getting paid to fill up at your local petrol station? Essentially, that’s what happened this week in the oil…
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Same Day Portfolio Transfer to Stake

Here's how you can transfer your portfolio to Stake. We do it same day and fee free and give you…