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The Wrap

🗞️The Wrap: Buyback

Billionaires are printing money as stocks get bought back by the billions and a look back at the most expensive…
The Wrap

🗞️The Wrap: Going Low

Oil is going low, FIFA and COD servers are getting a serious workout and we see the serious downside of…
The Wrap

🗞️The Wrap: Flat-Footed

Dollar bills are getting exxy, the investing Gods are being humbled, and we’ve got that LVMH hand sanitiser. Plus, another…

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What I'm Trading

What I’m Trading – Andrew

This week, we hear from a long-time Stake customer who has just joined the team at Stake HQ. Hear about…
What I'm Trading

What I’m Trading – Bill

The inner workings of a million dollar portfolio. Stocks or options, this week's trader has a strategy for everything to…
What I'm Trading

What I’m Trading – Joel

Today on 'What I'm Trading', we speak with Joel, a Sydney based business development manager loving Beyond Meat and other…

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Stake Updates

Free Roll

In option land, even though the market may have fallen 20% from its highs, some of the call options have…
Stake Updates

To the Floor

With social isolation in full force, could one of the market’s great survivors, the floor trader, finally be pushed into…
Stake Updates

Volatility & Circuit Breakers

Market-wide circuit breakers may halt trading temporarily or, under extreme circumstances, close the markets prior to the normal close of…

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