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A low-fee, CHESS-sponsored broker

Hold ASX shares under your own HIN with Stake's CHESS sponsorship, at just $3 per trade.

Stake is proud to be a chess-sponsored broker

When you invest on the ASX with Stake, you enjoy:

CHESS-sponsored investing

You’ll get your own HIN (Holder Identification Number) so shares are actually held in your name.

The lowest fees in town

$3 brokerage to trade 2,000+ ASX shares & ETFs.

A platform made for this century

A powerful yet easy-to-use experience on mobile and desktop, whether you’re a starter or a pro.

Fast digital transfers

Our patent-pending portfolio transfer process brings your shares to Stake in no time, with no paperwork.

How we compare

Trade fees vs Other CHESS-sponsored brokers

*From March 4, 2023, $3 brokerage for trades up to $30,000, or 0.01% for trades over $30,000.

Learn more about the benefits of trading with a CHESS sponsored broker.

The minimum investment on the ASX is $500 (excluding brokerage) when buying a specific stock for the first time. This is known as the “minimum marketable parcel” and is a requirement for all CHESS sponsored investments under your own HIN. There is no minimum purchase size if you hold shares in a specific stock.

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CHESS stands for Clearing House Electronic Subregister System. It was developed and is maintained by the Australian Securities Exchange (ASX). The CHESS system facilitates trades, settles funds following buys and sells and transfers legal ownership of securities. Most importantly for our investors, CHESS-sponsored brokers like Stake allow positions to be held in an individual’s name. Learn more in our article ‘What is CHESS?’.

Yes, Stake is proud to be a CHESS-sponsored broker, allowing users to own shares under their own Holder Identification Number (HIN).

By investing with a CHESS-sponsored broker, you’re given your own Holder Identification Number. Every position in your portfolio is then attributed to this HIN. More info on how the HIN works here.

When you sign up for a Stake AUS share trading account, ASX CHESS sponsorship automatically applies to your account and you'll have a unique HIN number.

The main benefit of the CHESS-sponsored system is security, as it gives you direct ownership over your shares. Other brokers may hold shares on their own balance sheet and only attribute to you rights to a position, rather than full ownership. This is known as a custodian model and it means shares are not immediately attributable to an owner. Should custodian brokers face a shutdown, there may be difficulties in returning the shares to customers.

When you purchase shares through a CHESS-sponsored broker, the HIN is used to identify the relationship between you and the broker. Any shares that you purchase through the broker are linked to you by your HIN number.

When shares are purchased through an issuer-sponsored broker, they're sponsored by the company that first issued them and not the broker. The relationship between you and the shares is managed by a third-party share registry. When you buy issuer-sponsored shares, you receive a Security Reference Number (SRN) for each parcel of shares.

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