Introducing Brokerage Packs.

Since 2017, we’ve been on a mission to break down the barriers denying Australians simple, affordable access to the world’s largest and most dynamic market. Ongoing feedback from people like you, our most valued and active customers, has guided this and we’ve always shaped the product based on your needs.

To ensure we continue to grow and improve, and so you can get more from the market, we’re announcing a change to our product and pricing model.

From next week, our three ‘Brokerage Packs’ will be introduced, each offering varying levels of sophistication and access, based on your needs.

‘Stake Starter’ will be a free pack, while our premium packs, ‘Stake Unlimited’ and ‘Stake Black’ will be priced at US$9 and US$19 per month respectively. However, we will not be charging for these until July 1, 2020.

No doubt you’ll have some questions around this change. Below is a bit more detail, but encourage you to get in touch and let us know anything that’s on your mind. After all, we’re all on this Stake journey together.

Why the change in the first place?

This change is about creating a sustainable model that can allow us to focus on providing you with more value and a better experience now and into the future.  

It allows us to rapidly improve our product on an ongoing basis, building your requested features. Better data, better charting, reporting, and more. Over the next few weeks and months, you can expect many features added to the brokerage packs before fees take effect.

Next week, one major feature will be trading on unsettled funds, available as part of Stake Black. We’re excited to introduce this as so many of you have been after it! Due to pattern day trading rules, Stake Black will initially only be available to those with account values over $30k. Between now and July 1, we will be working to build in the necessary protections, making it available to all.

Next week you’ll be able to do the following on Stake:

  • Trade on your unsettled funds with Stake Black
  • Trade faster – we’ve worked on the latency to ensure your execution is lightning fast! 
  • Track dividends in the transaction log (and not buried in reports)
  • Download trade confirmations and statements in the app (coming to web soon)
  • Find new opportunities with an improved search & markets page 
  • Manage and track your account activity with ease in an updated Accounts section

After these, we’ll be bringing you:

  • Notifications
  • Face & Touch security
  • Direct debit
  • Deeper company specific data to dive into
  • More advanced order types (GTC, OCO, Amend etc)
  • Plus many more

This change also allows us to take Stake to the world with clear pricing that people aren’t skeptical of.  We’re taking a stand for fairness and transparency while other brokers are making their customers their product. As an Australian customer, you might ask why you’d care, but more customers using Stake globally means more reinvestment into improving our platform; a benefit to all.

Finally, this move shifts our reliance away from FX fees. Stake is a brokerage business and that’s where we want to focus. Before July 1, 2020, we’ll be lowering the cost of FX transfers and making it more affordable to make transfers in.

Stake is the business it is today thanks to your support. This update is the next stage Stake’s journey and we look forward to making Stake an even better place for you to make your mark in the US market.

About the Brokerage Packs

Introducing Stake Starter, Stake Unlimited and Stake Black, three tiers designed to suit investors and traders of all types and levels in the market.

‘Stake Starter’ is perfect for those getting into the market for the first time or simply wanting to dabble around the edges. 

For those that take their investing more seriously, ‘Stake Unlimited’ is a high-quality, comprehensive brokerage experience for people who want greater control over their investing in the US.  

‘Stake Black’ is our top-tier. This pack is ideal for those looking to supercharge their investing and trading, to take full advantage of all the opportunities in the US market, including trading on unsettled funds.

$0 / month

+ 2 Free Trades / Month
($5 per trade thereafter)

+ Real time market data

+ Market orders only

$9 / month

+ Unlimited free trades 

+ Real time market data

+ Advanced order types

+ Fractional Shares

+ Priority access to new listings

+ Priority Customer Support

$19 / month

+ Unlimited free trades 

+ Real time market data

+ Advanced order types

+ Fractional Shares

+ Priority access to new listings

+ Priority Customer Support

+ Day Trade on unsettled funds
(i.e T+0)

Portfolio value over $30k required to access until July 2020.

A Few More Details

From next week, access to Stake Unlimited will be available to accounts under US$30k while accounts over US$30k will be given access to Stake Black. Both will be offered free of charge until July 1, 2020. 

After July 1, 2020 if you don’t elect to stay on Stake Unlimited or Stake Black you will move onto Stake Starter. Don’t sweat, we are going to give everyone plenty of notice in advance with reminders and instructions.

Again, we love to hear from our customers. It helps us get better. So please reach out to our support team with all your feedback.


The Stake Team

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