Stake Arrives in the UK

Hello, UK

Today, Stake officially launched in the UK. We built Stake, a digital brokerage platform, to open up the US market – and the massive $31trillion of opportunity it represents – to people outside the US. To do this, we have to address a simple fact: brokerage is still broken, and we want to fix it.  

Unless you’ve had your eyes closed for the past 12 months, it’s unlikely that the influx of new-age brokerage platforms has passed you by. Each promises a similar revolution: access to the US market with zero-cost and simplicity. Possibly even a cherry on top if you’re lucky.

Unfortunately, the promises made by these platforms are often ambitious at best, and misleading at worst. Hidden fees, conflicts of interest with customers and restricted product options seem to be the norm. And it’s not just the new guys – big brokerages do what they’ve always done, overcharge and underservice customers on a regular basis.

The problem? A lack of transparency for investors who want a platform that offers simple, yet sophisticated access to the biggest market and stocks in the world but keep getting stung due to a lack of clarity. 

We don’t settle for that!

Better Brokerage

Stake exists to give people around the world unrivalled access to the US stock market. To us, this means a sophisticated brokerage experience that’s simple and intuitive, but delivering that with transparency and honesty. 

We make it easy for you to directly invest in more than 3,500 US shares and ETFs all the way from research through to execution. You can use advanced order types and have your trades executed in real-time as standard. Day trade on unsettled funds with Stake or buy fractional shares. We’re a brand built on what our customers want and never settle in the pursuit of delivering that. 

Take ETFs for example. You might have read that above and thought it was a typo. It’s not. Access to US ETFs is disappearing in the UK due to regulatory changes but it doesn’t have to. Not only have we made sure eligible people can access these equities but fought hard to ensure it was automated and easy for them to do so.

We also designed our offering to be upfront, clear and simple. We’re not about stinging you with hidden fees. Our three tiers of Brokerage Packs, a free pack and two premium packs, all offering unlimited commission-free trades but allowing you to choose the level of sophistication that’s right for you. With Stake, it’s easy to know what you get and what you pay. 

Charges for our premium packs only kick in from July 1, giving you until then to experience them for free. And once they do, rest assured there won’t be any nasty price hikes, just continuous enhancements to our product and its features.

Ultimately, we built our model to be sustainable and centred around our customers. We provide the world access to opportunity based on a fair value exchange. Our commitment is to keep giving our people more and to never make them our product.

The World’s Biggest Market

I think you get the jist by now: we’re all about the US market. Well, we are and we know it better than anyone else. We have a huge amount of experience within it and love the sheer size of the opportunity it represents.  

Close to 85% of all overseas stock investments are into the US market – more money moves through Apple and Amazon stocks each day than the entire London Stock Exchange. Of course, we know the LSE is still huge and encourage it to continue to play a significant role for UK investors. The US market is the perfect complement to this though, and Stake enables you to diversify your portfolio by investing in a wide range of companies listed outside the LSE.

We’ve seen our over 50,000 customers benefit from this already. Last year one in three of our customers made more than a 10% return on the US market. Before Stake, 77% of our customers had traded domestically but only 14% of them had traded internationally. They had the appetite but the access just wasn’t there – and we changed that.

Get Started Today

We’re so excited Stake is in the UK and want you to join us on our mission to bring Wall St.  – and better brokerage – to the world.

Getting started is easy. Account set-up is fully digital and takes 5 minutes. Funding your account is done seamlessly and securely using bank transfers. Even getting your US Tax Forms completed and filed is simple as we’ve automated the entire process. No paperwork, no hassle.

Visit this page or download the app to get started. You’ll be trading US shares in real-time in no time.

So say Hello, access. Hello, opportunity. Hello, Stake. It’s time to trade up.

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