Your AUD funds and balances

How do I deposit money into my Stake AUD wallet?

Your Stake AUD Wallet is a digital bank account with its own BSB & Account Number. If you want to deposit money into your Stake wallet complete a bank transfer from your current bank account to the details of your Stake Wallet. You don't need a specific reference on the transfer to your AUD balance as the BSB and Account number is uniquely yours. 

To view your Stake AUD Wallet Details: 

  • Click the wallet icon in the top right of your screen
  • Swipe to AUD
  • Click 'deposit' and you will see your AUD Wallet details
  • Complete a bank transfer via your banking application to this unique BSB & Account Number.

Once you have completed the above steps the funds should be on their way. To better understand the processing times and how long it can take for your funds to enter your Stake account please click here.

Please note we do not accept branch deposits. These deposits will be returned to the remitter. 

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