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About ARKK

Securities within ARKK represent ARK’s cornerstone investment ideas from the three thematic strategies applied in ARKG, ARKQ, ARKW that ARK believes present the best risk-reward opportunities. Companies in ARKK include those that rely on or benefit from the development of new products or services, technological improvements and advancements in scientific research relating to the following areas: Genomic Revolution, Web x.0, and Industrial Innovation. ARKK is an actively managed ETF that seeks long-term growth of capital by investing under normal circumstances primarily (at least 65% of its assets) in domestic and U.S. exchange traded foreign equity securities of companies that are relevant to the Fund’s investment theme of disruptive innovation.

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What is ARKK (Ark Innovation ETF)?

Disruption! Innovation! These may sound like buzzwords, but they can also describe exciting businesses to invest in.

ARK Invest might say so, as they manage ARKK – an Exchange Traded Fund (ETF) investing in disruptive innovation companies.

As defined by ARK Invest, a disruptive innovation company is one seeking to introduce “a technologically enabled new product or service that potentially changes the way the world works.” At Stake we can definitely relate.

Aiming to achieve capital growth over the long-term for shareholders, the Ark Innovation ETF focuses on areas such as:

  • Cloud computing
  • Digital Media
  • E-Commerce
  • Big Data & Machine Learning
  • Bioinformatics
  • Autonomous vehicles
  • Robotics
  • Energy storage

What is an ETF?

An ETF is a managed fund you can buy or sell on an exchange, just like stocks. But when you invest in an ETF you are effectively investing in a basket of securities as opposed to picking individual companies.

ETFs are often referred to as passive investments.

For more information about ETFs, click here.

Why does ARKK appeal to investors?

For many shareholders, the ARKK ETF is a quicker and easier way to diversify an investment into a variety of technologies and sectors focused on disruptive innovation. It can also be a lower cost alternative to investing in mutual funds.

ARKK may also be appropriate for investors who would prefer that ARK Invest actively manages equity securities on their behalf.

How is ARKK different from ARKW or ARKG?

While ARKK, ARKW and ARKG are all ETFs actively managed by Ark Invest, the focal point of each ETF is slightly different.

ARKK investments focus on the theme of “disruptive innovation'' but ARKW and ARKG drill down further and become more specific.

ARKW (ARK Next Generation Internet ETF)

The focus of ARKW is squarely placed on “next generation internet” companies. These can include cloud computing, digital media, social media, big data, blockchain technologies, e-commerce and the Internet of Things (IoT).

ARKG (ARK Genomics Revolution ETF)

ARKG targets “genomics revolution” companies. These companies focus on extending and improving quality of life through bio-inspired computing, gene therapy, bioinformatics, molecular medicine and pharmaceutical innovations. 

What companies are in ARKK?

As of March 2022, there are 37 holdings within Ark Innovation ETF. The ARKK share price usually performs in line with these holdings.

Some of the largest companies actively managed within ARKK include Tesla Inc. (9.33%), Roku Inc. (6.76%), Coinbase Global Inc. (5.78%), Block Inc. (5.05%) and Spotify Technology (3.89%).

To see the complete list of ARKK holdings, click here.

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