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ARK Genomic Revolution Multi-Sector ETF

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About ARKG

ARKG is an actively managed ETF that seeks long-term growth of capital by investing under normal circumstances primarily (at least 80% of its assets) in domestic and U.S. exchange traded foreign equity securities of companies across multiple sectors, including health care, information technology, materials, energy and consumer discretionary, that are relevant to the Fund’s investment theme of the genomics revolution.

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What is ARKG (ARK Genomic Revolution ETF)?

Ever wonder what life will be like for you as you get older? Or for your grandchildren?

ARKG is an Exchange Traded Fund (ETF) actively managed by ARK Invest and comprised of companies primarily focused on improving and extending the quality of human and other life. 

These companies are achieving this via technological and scientific developments as well as genomic advancements in fields such as:

  • DNA sequencing 

  • Gene editing

  • Gene Therapy

  • Targeted therapeutics

  • Agricultural biology

  • Molecular diagnostics

Through ARKG, Ark Invest provides shareholders with multi-cap exposure for the purpose of returning long-term capital growth.

What is an ETF?

An ETF is a managed fund you can buy or sell on an exchange, just like stocks. But when you invest in an ETF you are effectively investing in a basket of securities as opposed to picking individual companies.

ETFs are often referred to as passive investments. 

For more information about ETFs, click here.

ARKK vs ARKG: What’s the difference between the two ETFs?

While both ARKG and ARKK are ETFs managed by Ark Invest, the theme of each ETF is different.

Securities within ARKG are all “genomics revolution” companies, focused on improving and extending quality of life. They may even reshape the nature of healthcare in the future.

ARKK invests in companies focused on the broader theme of “disruptive innovation.” These companies are seeking to potentially change the world through new technologically enabled products or services. Some of the areas ARKK focuses on include cloud computing, autonomous vehicles, robotics, energy storage, e-Commerce and digital media.

What is ARKG invested in?

As of March 2022, ARKG contains 52 securities based on the theme of the “genomics revolution.” The ARKG share price usually performs in line with these holdings.

Some of ARKG’s largest holdings include EXACT Sciences Corporation (9.56%), Teladoc Health (7.71%), Ionis Pharmaceuticals (5.92%), Fate Therapeutics (4.23%) and Pacific Biosciences of California (3.94%).

For the complete ARKG holdings list, click here.

Is ARKG invested in BNGO?

BioNano Genomics (BNGO) became a well known “meme stock” when social media users, in particular Reddit traders, bid the stock up over 1800% between the end of December 2020 and mid February 2021.

Ark Invest’s CEO Cathie Wood has expressed an interest in BioNano’s Saphyr optical genome mapping (OGM) system in the past. 

Speculators believed that Cathie Wood would add BNGO to ARKK in 2021. However, as of March 2022, ARKG does not appear to contain a position in BNGO.

As of March 2022, BNGO has dropped almost 90% since its meteoric rise.

Is ARKG a good ETF?

ARKG ETF is a good way for investors to gain exposure to a large range of genomics revolution companies without having to buy all the individual stocks.

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