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Hot ETFs on Stake

An accessible way into markets for so many investors, the ETF is a great product of financial engineering. Here’s which ETFs are trending on Stake.

While both the ASX and US have scores of companies producing spectacular returns, the humble ETF is the best way to generate returns for so many investors. Instead, Exchange Traded Funds (ETFs) provide access to a basket of stocks managed by professional investors. Stake offers access to over 1,200 ETFs across both the US and ASX. Here’s what’s popular amongst our investors.

The Index ETFs

The S&P500, Nasdaq, ASX200…averaging an annual return of above 8% historically, they provide a way to achieve consistently compounding returns in the long run. Names like Vanguard’s $VOO, Invesco’s $QQQ and BetaShare’s $ASX.A200 are amongst the most popular ETFs offering exposure to such indexes.


Crypto Revolution

Both released in the final quarter of 2021, $BITO and $ASX.CRYP provide exposure to the crypto space through equity portfolios. ProShares’ $BITO ETF holds Bitcoin futures in an effort to mimic the price movements of the crypto currency. BetaShares’ $ASX.CRYP provides access to global businesses supporting the blockchain. Names like Coinbase and Silvergate Capital, an up-and-coming crypto bank, sit in their portfolio.


Both ETFs have been amongst the most popular on Stake since launch.

Clean and green

Renewable energy stocks remain popular as the world transitions to a cleaner, greener future. Specifically, $TAN is a solar focussed ETF providing access to the growing sector on Stake. $ICLN and $FAN, a clean energy and wind power ETF are also amongst the most popular renewable energy funds.

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