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U.S. Portfolio Transfers

Transfer your U.S. portfolio over $500 to Stake. It’s fast, free and you get a free Dropbox share.

Imagine a world where portfolio transfers are fast, easy, free and you also get rewarded. Sounds too good to be true, right?

Well, thanks to our patent-pending, industry-leading portfolio transfer method, you can now transfer their entire U.S. portfolios within minutes, without paperwork, completely within the Stake app. Plus transfer a U.S. portfolio over US$500 and you’ll get a free Dropbox share for all your hard (or should we say easy) work.

Portfolio transfers are fast

Initiating a U.S. transfer takes minutes and we’ve seen full portfolios arrive at Stake from other brokers within 48 hours.

Portfolio transfers are easy

Our process is digital and takes just minutes to initiate. The whole process can be done completely inside Stake. It couldn’t be easier.

Portfolio transfers are free

We don’t charge you anything to transfer your portfolio in. Check with your existing broker if they charge fees for outgoing transfers.

Portfolio transfers unlock rewards

Get rewarded when you transfer your portfolio over US$500 to Stake with a free Dropbox share.

Click the button below to start your transfer.

Once your transfer is initiated our team of specialists will follow up with your outgoing broker. You’ll be notified when your portfolio has been successfully transferred to your Stake account and your free Dropbox share will be awarded.

Extra information

Your shares in your outgoing account must settle before being transferred. If they have not, please wait 2 trading days from your most recent buy/sell transaction before initiating a request. Otherwise, there may be a delay in the transfer process. 

Free stock is only available for first-time, full portfolio transfers worth over US$500 at the time of completion of the transfer. Stake does not charge fees per U.S. trade or fees for portfolio transfers into Stake. Charges may apply from your existing broker to transfer out of their service.

See Stake pricing page, terms and conditions and privacy policy.

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