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How To Buy Shares In Odette Six Metals

Explorer looks to take on China’s dominant position in the rare earths sector.

West Perth-based Odette Six Metals listed on the ASX today following a $8m raise as the company looks to explore its rare earths tenements.

Rare earth elements (REE) are becoming increasingly critical to the future sustainability of many modern technologies, including your latest Tesla and iPhone. The name is a bit misleading, as the elements themselves aren’t rare, the difficulty is finding a project large enough to exploit.

China is currently the dominant world producer in REE, but Odette wants to break the country’s stranglehold. This is no mean feat, but the company has a 100% interest in two projects located in the Esperance region of Western Australia that show a lot of promise. With the capital raised from the IPO, Odette plans to begin development of an operational mine in the region to extract the clay rare earth deposits.

Odette Six is available to trade under the ticker $OD6 on Stake.

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