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Hot stocks on Stake

Sorting through thousands of trades by the Stake community, here are the most popular sectors and stocks on Stake recently.

The US’s world leading market is driven by its depth, breadth and size. From the biggest names to the hottest niches, scores of options exist to match every portfolio and strategy. Moreover, The ASX provides the opportunity for Aussies to access local companies with global reach. Not only are investors buying the banks and stores they use every day but also fintechs and materials companies taking on the world. Here’s a look at what Stake investors have been buying in 2021.

Big Tech

The cornerstone of a tech-focused portfolio, names like Apple, Afterpay, Amazon, Microsoft and Alphabet are not only the biggest companies in the world but also the most traded stocks on Stake. Routinely ranking in our top 10 most traded, such stocks have replaced the traditional blue-chip stocks of the past.


EVs are powering up

One sector that is always trending on Stake is electric vehicles. Elon Musk’s Tesla is the biggest company in the space at a US$1.1t valuation, but for investors looking elsewhere, the US market offers so many options. Rivian just became the biggest IPO of 2021, Nio and Xpeng are Chinese companies with accelerating market share, and Lucid just released a sedan with greater range than a Tesla.  These are some of the recent developments in a quickly expanding sector.

Aussie Lithium

Access to both US and Australian markets also grants access to the whole EV supply chain. Lithium is a key component in EV batteries and Australia has scores of mining stocks seeing success as lithium prices have tripled in 2021. Core Lithium (ASX.CXO) and Lake Resource (ASX.LKE) have both ranked in Stake AUS’ top 20 most traded since launch. Novonix, a lithium battery materials manufacturer, is in Stake’s top 5 most traded after a 10x return in 2021.

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