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Global X Uranium ETF

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About URA

The Global X Uranium ETF (URA) provides investors access to a broad range of uranium mining companies. The Global X Uranium ETF seeks to provide investment results that correspond generally to the price and yield performance, before fees and expenses, of the Solactive Global Uranium Total Return Index.

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What is URA ETF?

URA 'bout to find out.

Also known as Global X Uranium ETF, URA is an Exchange Traded Fund actively managed by Global X.

The URA ETF consists of a wide range of companies involved in uranium mining, uranium equipment manufacturing and nuclear component production. 

Global X aims to provide URA shareholders with long-term capital growth. The URA ETF stock price generally corresponds with the performance of the Solactive Global Uranium & Nuclear Components Total Return Index.

What is an ETF?

An ETF is a managed fund you can buy or sell on an exchange, just like stocks. But when you invest in an ETF you are effectively investing in a basket of securities as opposed to picking individual companies.

ETFs are often referred to as passive investments. 

For more information about ETFs, click here.

What is uranium used for?

Uranium is a heavy metal with a wide variety of applications.

It is used as fuel to power the nuclear reactors that create electricity for commercial use; to create radio-isotopes for medical diagnosis and research; to kill parasites and bacteria in fresh food by the food industry; and for x-ray inspections in the automotive and aviation industries.

In the defence industry, it is used in nuclear weapons, radiation shielding and is fuel for reactors that drive naval ships and submarines.

Uranium and the fissioning of nuclear power results in zero direct emissions. The heavy metal is seen by many as a temporary alternative to fossil fuels while the world transitions to a greener future.

Which companies are in the URA ETF?

As of March 2022, URA’s stock holdings include 49 companies. 

These include Cameo Corp, Sprott Physical, Paladin Energy, Denison Mines Corp., Yellow Cake, Itochu Corp., BHP Group and Rio Tinto.

To see URA’s complete list of holdings, click here.

Is URA a good investment?

Investors don’t need to purchase individual uranium company stocks by investing in URA. Through this ETF, investors get instant exposure to 49 uranium companies.

URA can be a good mid to long-term investment for investors who understand the current practical applications and limits of uranium.

Does URA pay a dividend?

Yes, URA pays dividends twice a year, usually in January and July. 

URA’s dividend payouts vary from year to year but through FY2021, URA paid a total of US$1.33 per share.

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