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Senseonics Holdings, Inc.

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About SENS

Senseonics Holdings, Inc. is a medical technology company. The Company is focused on the development and manufacturing of glucose monitoring products designed to transform lives in the global diabetes community. Its Eversense, Eversense XL and Eversense E3 continuous glucose monitoring (CGM) systems are designed to continually to measure glucose levels in people with diabetes via an under-the-skin sensor, a removable and rechargeable smart transmitter, and a mobile application for real-time diabetes monitoring and management for a period of up to six months. It is also developing its Freedom product variation to allow for a two-in-one glucose monitoring system combining the functionality of CGM and Flash Glucose Monitoring (FGM), in an implantable sensor, which can be utilized with a smart transmitter to get continuous glucose readings and alerts, or be utilized through a swipe over the sensor with a smart phone to get on-demand glucose reading without a smart transmitter.

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What does Senseonics do and how does it earn money?

It's in the blood. Senseonics Holdings, Inc. is a medical technology company that develops and manufactures Continuous Glucose Monitoring (CGM) systems, aiming“to improve the lives of people with diabetes by enhancing their ability to manage their disease with relative ease and accuracy.” 

The company’s CGMs are an industry first. While others require weekly or fortnightly replacements, Senseonics’ CGMs can be implanted subcutaneously for much longer periods.

The company earns revenue in one business segment via three main products: 

  • Eversense CGM which can be implanted subcutaneously for 3 months 

  • Eversense XL CGM which can be implanted subcutaneously for 6 months (currently available in Europe only)

  • Eversense E3 CGM which can be implanted subcutaneously for 6 months

In August 2020, Senseonics entered a Commercialization Agreement with Ascensia, a global diabetes treatment company. Senseonics granted Ascensia exclusive rights to distribute their Eversense CGM systems worldwide.

How does Senseonics’ Eversense CGM work?

Senseonics’ CGM systems measure a diabetic’s glucose levels (aka blood sugar) via sensors inserted under the skin by a healthcare professional. 

The sensor communicates data to a smart transmitter on top of the skin. The transmitter beams data to a smartphone app for real-time diabetes monitoring and management.

Is Senseonics profitable?

No, Senseonics is not profitable at this time. 

By their own admission, the company is in “the early commercialization stages of the Eversense brand and are focused on driving awareness of our CGM systems amongst intensively managed patients and their healthcare providers.”

Revenue has see-sawed since the company went public and net income has always been negative. In fact, net income has trended deeper into the red in FY2019, FY2020 and FY2021 with minus US$116m, US$175m and US$302m, respectively.

As of the end of FY2021, the company has accumulated a total debt of US$62.7m.

Is SENS stock a buy?

Investor sentiment on SENS is mixed. Some investors consider Senseonics uninvestable due to its weak and inconsistent financials. 

Other investors anticipate a brighter future for the company due to the U.S. Food & Drug Administration’s (FDA) recent approval of the Eversense E3 CGM system in February 2022. 

These investors are also anticipating widening adoption of Eversense CGMs due to the Commercialization Agreement with Ascensia.

Who owns SENS stock?

Senseonics largest shareholders are institutional including PHC Holdings Corporation (14.75%), BlackRock (6.71%), Vanguard Group (4.35%) and Steward Capital Holdings (4.1%)

President and CEO Timothy T. Goodnow holds 0.3%.

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