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Corsair Gaming, Inc.

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About CRSR

Corsair Gaming, Inc (Corsair) is engaged in providing high-performance gear for gamers, streamers and content creators. Its segments include Gamer and creator peripherals and Gaming components and systems. Gamer and creator peripherals Include high-performance gaming keyboards, mice, headsets, controllers, and our streaming gear, including capture cards, Stream Decks, Universal Serial Bus (USB) microphones, Facecam streaming camera, studio accessories and EpocCam software, as well as coaching and training services, among others. Gaming components and systems includes high-performance power supply units (PSUs), cooling solutions, computer cases, DRAM modules, as well as high-end prebuilt and custom-built gaming personal computers (PCs), among others. Its product offering includes two software platforms: iCUE for gamers and Elgatos streaming suite for streamers and content creators.

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What is Corsair Gaming and what do they do?

Corsair helps gamers win and also flaunt it. 

Founded in 1994 and run out of Fremont, California, Corsair Gaming, Inc. is a maker and distributor of high-performance gaming and streaming gear. 

The gaming gear Corsair creates aims to help“digital athletes, from casual gamers to committed professionals, perform at their peak across PC or console platforms.” 

Meanwhile their streaming gear lets gamers and content creators broadcast their online gaming exploits at studio-level quality to millions of viewers at a time.

Many of Corsair’s customers are PC enthusiasts who build and tweak their own machines using Corsair’s components for the highest gaming performance possible.

How does Corsair Gaming make money?

Corsair Gaming earns and reports its revenue through two major business segments, Gamer & Creator Peripherals and Gaming Components & Systems. All of Corsair’s products are either sold to retail channels or through Corsair’s direct-to-consumer channel.

Gamer & Creator Peripherals

In this business segment, revenue is earned through the sale of Corsair’s gaming keyboardsmice and headsets. Corsair also sells a wide range of streaming gear that includes video capture cards, cameras, stream decks, microphones and studio equipment including lighting and fan speed controllers.

Corsair’s one-on-one esports coaching service Gamer Sensei also adds earnings to this segment.

Gaming Components & Systems

Revenue in this segment comes from the sale of power supply units (PSUs), cooling solutions, computer cases and DRAM modules that help speed up graphics card response times.

Corsair also offers customers custom-build computers.

Is Corsair Gaming profitable?

Yes, Corsair Gaming is profitable at this time.

The company’s revenue has increased gradually for the past three years from US$1.09b toUS$1.7b to US$1.9b for FY2019, FY2020 and FY2021, respectively

The company’s net income was negative US$8m in FY2019 but rose back into the green with  US$103m for FY2020 and US$101m for FY2021.

Is CRSR stock a good investment?

Due to a reliance on third-party manufacturers, engineers and design firms and supply chain problems caused by Covid-19, Corsair has faced a wave of logistics and shipping challenges.

Because of this, market sentiment on CRSR has become increasingly negative over the past 12 months.

From February 2021 to March 2022, the Corsair share price dropped almost 55% from over US$45 down to a low of US$17.45. The stock went public at a price of US$17 in September 2020.

Despite those struggles, some investors believe CRSR stock is due for a strong rebound. Demand from Corsair-loyal gamers has been penting up for over a year. As worldwide supply chains resolve themselves, investors may see the company's earnings trend towards the upside again soon.

Who owns the most CRSR stock?

All of CRSR’s biggest shareholders are institutional except for Founder and CEO Andrew Paul who holds 2.82% of the company.

The institutions that hold the most shares are EagleTree Capital with 56.91% ownership, Vanguard Group with 3.45% and BlackRock with 1.93%.

The general public owns 24.6% of the stock.

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