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Amplify Transformational Data Sharing ETF

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About BLOK

Blockchain is a revolutionary technology that has the potential to redefine enterprises, ecosystems and economies, transforming the way data is shared. BLOK provides access to an actively-managed basket of global companies at the forefront of blockchain-based technology. This responsive portfolio management approach allows the ETF to adjust to the daily pace of blockchain-related investment opportunities and risks.

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What is BLOK stock?

New kids on the BLOK.

Also known as Amplify Transformational Data Sharing ETF, BLOK is an Exchange Traded Fund actively managed by Amplify Investments and made of a portfolio of global equities involved in the development and utilisation of blockchain technologies. 

The companies have been specially selected with the understanding they will benefit and profit most from the rapidly moving blockchain technology space.

BLOK ETF leans on the expertise of a variety of firms. These include Toroso Investments as a sub-adviser and portfolio manager, and Emerita Capital and EQM Indexes for strategic research.

What is an ETF?

An ETF is a managed fund you can buy or sell on an exchange, just like stocks. But when you invest in an ETF you are effectively investing in a basket of securities as opposed to picking individual companies.

ETFs are often referred to as passive investments. 

For more information about ETFs, click here.

What is BLOK invested in?

As of March 2022, BLOK’s stock holdings include 46 companies.

Some of BLOK’s largest holdings include Coinbase (4.93%), Galaxy Digital Holdings (4.53%), Nvidia (4.49%), Silvergate Capital (4.46%), SBI Holdings (4.41%) CME Group (4.26%) and PayPal (3.64%).

BLOK’s two largest industry allocations are in transactions (38%) and crypto mining (23%).

To see a complete list of BLOK’s holdings, click here.

Does BLOK pay a dividend?

Yes, BLOK ETF has distributed dividends at the beginning of January or end of December since its inception in January 2018.

For FY2021, the dividend payout was US$5.75022 per share, a huge increase of 771% from FY2020’s US$0.65799 per share.

Should I buy BLOK ETF?

Some investors see anything to do with blockchain technology as the future of finance. While nobody really knows for sure, the fact U.S. President Biden signed a related Executive Order in March 2022 may be a sign of things to come.

From a statement released by the White House:

“President Biden will sign an Executive Order outlining the first ever, whole-of-government approach to addressing the risks and harnessing the potential benefits of digital assets and their underlying technology.”

BLOK may be a good buy for investors looking for a way to get diversified exposure to blockchain technologies.

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