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Unrivalled access to the US market with Stake Brokerage Packs.

No Hidden Fees

Complete pricing clarity. Say goodbye to inactivity fees and other unwanted surprises.

Step It Up

Take full control. Access sophisticated features in our Unlimited
and Black packs.

No Lock-Ins

No lock-in contracts, no long-term commitments. You’re free to switch between packs.

There’s a pack for that.

New to the market or a seasoned investor, there’s a Brokerage Pack perfect for you.

(All prices are in USD)

$0 / month

+ Unlimited free trades

+ Fractional shares

+ Market orders only

$9 / month

For advanced access

+ Unlimited free trades

+ Fractional shares

+ Market orders

+ Advanced orders (Limit & Stop)

+ Priority access to new listings 

Coming Soon 

+ GTC orders

+ Continual enhancements

$19 / month

For powerful, sophisticated trading

+ Day Trade on unsettled funds

+ Unlimited free trades

+ Fractional shares

+ Market orders 

+ Advanced orders (Limit & Stop)

+ Priority access to new listings

+ Priority customer support 

Coming Soon

+ GTC orders 

+ Analyst-level data 

+ Superior enhancements

Get Started

Portfolio value over $30k required to access until July 2020. Find out why.

Automatically Completed US Tax Form

On your first funding, there’s a $5 fee to complete and lodge your W-8Ben tax form. Hassle-free.

Across all the Packs


An FX fee of US 70c per AU$100 ($2 min) ONLY when you move money in or out of your Stake account from AUD to USD or vice versa. We never charge FX fees on stock trades.

Funding Options

Take control of your funding with choice and transparency.

Express funding for +0.5%.
Fund with card for +2%.

Withdrawals incur a $2 bank fee but you’ll always know the total fees, in dollar amount, upfront.

One Last Thing

There are small US regulatory fees on sell trades. See them here. If you’re not paying these, you’re not trading in the US for real.

That’s it.

Better brokerage. Better access.
Welcome to Stake.

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Questions customers ask

Why Brokerage Packs?

Traders and investors around the world tell us they’re frustrated by traditional brokerages. It’s difficult to know exactly what they’re going to be charged for and they’re often caught off guard by hidden fees such as custody fees or inactivity fees.

Our pricing approach is designed to give people the best possible access to the US market, on their terms. It’s a simple and fully-transparent view of what they pay and the access they get for it.

Can I switch between Brokerage Packs?

Yes, you can. Your Brokerage Pack represents your account type, which for Unlimited and Black comes with associated monthly account fees from July 1, 2020.

Will you keep improving the Brokerage Packs over time?

Absolutely. We have a relentless commitment to optimise and enhance these brokerage packs with the continued development and release of new features. This is how we will keep delivering on our mission to give the world the best possible access to the US stock market.

If I have USD, can I transfer them in?

Yes, you can. There is a flat fee of US$5 to transfer any amount of USD into your Stake account.

You can find the details to make a USD transfer in at the Profile Section of your Stake account.