Our story begins

back in 2009

Having moved from Australia to Chicago, with Optiver, a high frequency trading firm, Stake’s founder, Matt quickly realised that the U.S. is where the opportunity was – the amount of money moving through Apple stock was more than twice the entire Australian stock market.

When Matt returned home and tried to open a U.S. trading account, he was blown away by how broken the process was – paper forms, excessive fees and poor execution.

So, as they say, Stake was born.


Bringing the U.S. market

to the rest of the world

Quite simply, we’re here to make Stake the best place to trade U.S. shares from outside America.

We live the markets

We are traders, investors, software engineers and designers, driven to leverage technology and our experience to make the sophisticated appear simple and intuitive.

Our partners

We don’t settle for anything but the best partners to make Stake happen.

This is the solution we’ve been

waiting for to trade US stocks.

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