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Using SaaS technology to access the $60b aged care sector.




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Bridge SaaS


06 October 2022



Bridge SaaS has launched on the ASX today following a $4.5m capital raise as it looks to further expand into the NDIS and aged care sector. 

The company provides its Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) based Customer Relationship Management (CRM) and workflow solutions to employment, care and support industries. It’s built a single platform that simplifies the data, compliance and evidence requirements of government funded projects in these sectors. 

Primarily, Bridge SaaS is focusing on the growing NDIS and aged care sector, with forecasts estimating government funding in these sectors to reach $32b by 2024. Demographic trends also support this growth, with estimates projecting one third of the Australian population will be aged above 75 by 2066. 

This works in Bridge SaaS’ favour as it makes its money from invoicing its provider clients based on how many participants are supported. More people in the system equals bigger invoices. 

Its software has even been assessed by an Australian Department of Defence IRAP assessor and accredited to manage sensitive personal government data. Something that is front of mind for many Australians at this point. 

Following the IPO, the company wants to build an easier onboarding system to make the process simpler for smaller providers. 

Bridge SaaS is available to trade on Stake under the ticker $BGE.