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Making tax time easy

On top of the tax benefits an SMSF provides, Stake Super makes SMSF compliance easy.

For those with an array of investments, 30 June is circled on the calendar with mixed emotions. Above all else, the end of the financial year signals the start of tax season. Complexity aside, the tax bill on foreign and local stock and crypto portfolios can quickly add up for ambitious investors. 

Self Managed Super Funds can provide a tax-efficient solution. Both short and long term investors are rewarded with discounted tax rates on capital gains.

To start, for investments held for under 12 months, capital gains are taxed at a 15% tax rate rather than being added to personal assessable income. Investments made under an individual’s name can be taxed at up to 45%. The Self-managed super fund structure can assist in reducing such a tax burden. 

Long term capital gains, those investments held for more than a year, are taxed at just a 10% rate. This is in comparison to the maximum rate of 22.5% payable when investing as an individual.

The benefits continue. Once Self-managed super fund members pass their 60th birthday, income withdrawn from their fund is not taxed in most instances.

When more than one person is added to the fund, other strategies can be implemented around assigning gains to different members to maximise an SMSF’s tax savings. Such practices are more complex than standard but can be incredibly worthwhile.

For those looking to gain taxation benefits through super, Stake Super offers an easy self-managed super fund set up and accountants that assist with setting up tax-efficient structures to maximise benefits.

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