We’re Hiring

Stake is opening up the financial markets to the world. We’re on a mission to enable the next generation of investors and traders to make their mark on the world’s biggest stage, no matter where they live.

Stake is a fast moving, customer led company, servicing a growing community who access the US market with lower costs and greater simplicity than anywhere else. Stake is driven to leverage technology and our experience to make the sophisticated appear simple and intuitive.

We’re always looking for exceptional talent to join Stake and take our team and customers forward.

Stake has its head office in Sydney, Australia with offices in Sao Paulo and London.

How to Apply

At Stake, we value hustle over honours degrees, so we’re more interested in you than your transcript. So if you want to jump into head first and be part of our mission, please apply directly by clicking on one of the roles below and filling out the form at the end.

Current Openings