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Job Title: UK & EEA General Manager

Location: London, England

About Stake

Stake is hiring an ambitious and talented professional to take its product to the current and next generation of investors and traders across Europe.

With over 50,000 customers in Australia trading up to the US market, Stake has landed in the UK to further democratise access to the world’s markets and take its commission free brokerage across the European continent.

About this role

This is a very exciting time for Stake with its current launch into the UK market and impending growth across Europe. The main focus of this role is to build Stake’s presence across the UK and Europe and be recognised as the best way to access the US stock market. This means there is a strong focus on growth, while understanding and respecting the regulatory regime within which we operate.

The role is ultimately responsible for the team in the UK, building relationships with local partners, regulatory, & compliance & governance of the European operations on Stake to ensure its a sustainable and growing business. You will be working closely with Stake’s existing team and be charged with building the UK business and team to ensure that we are providing a customer experience in line with our values & brand promise.

The role sits on the Stake Global Leadership Team.

Objectives and Key Results

Stake uses OKRs as a management tool to deliver on the the ambitions of the team.

The following would be example OKRs for this role, but would be re-engineered.

  • Build a high growth and sustainable UK business.
  • Expand into all other EEA markets.
  • Build and develop a high-performing team.

Description and ideal suitability

Commercially-minded professional looking for an opportunity to run the local operation within an ambitious global fintech. We are looking for someone to dive into our business, learn it inside out and execute it as it applies to the local markets (being UK and EEA).

This candidate should have at least 5 years professional experience with either technology, financial services or consulting, but most importantly have a desire to learn the existing business and apply it locally. Once there is a deep understanding of the business, then there is full autonomy for the individual to meet the above objective.

Skill-sets and ability

Technical baseline. This candidate should have an ability to understand the technical nature of Stake’s business, its partners and operations.

Commerciality. The candidate will take a commercially minded approach to providing its services within a highly regulated financial services environment.

Growth and community orientated. Find ways to amplify the Stake brand and generate a following amongst a group of investors and traders who have a desire to go next level (both personally and financially). The candidate must be able to rally customers, the media and your growing team to get behind the proposition and mission.

Develop Stake operationally in the UK and EEA markets. Gaining an understanding of how Stake currently operates in the market (both in Australia and globally) and developing the tools and team to scale that into a new market. We are looking for someone with a preference to automation, but balancing the needs to learn manually and then operationalise with technology.

The above should be done by building strong relationships internally and challenging, leveraging and extending the current processes within Stake.

Accountability. This means being initially accountable for the following:

  • UK & EEA Specific Performance Metrics set by the board (these will be tied to your performance package below). 
  • Budgets and financials, approved by the board
  • The development of the staff and team 

Actual job activities

  • Understanding, developing and executing on the marketing, PR and Growth plans for the market.  You will be the main contact person for media and local partner relationships.
  • Learning about the regulatory and compliance framework we operate in. Working closely with our compliance team or person to find a balance between growing the business and developing a strong risk-based approach to compliance.
  • Obtaining customer and community feedback to create content and and scope changes to the product.  This will mean managing pricing, product and key development changes as they get to market and grow the business.
  • Getting your hands dirty to work with operations, customer success and content to develop a very deep understanding of the customer, the product and the business. From here, you hire people once you have an understanding of what those roles are.
  • Liaising with local partners for operational, marketing and compliance requirements.
  • Mentoring and managing local staff as they come on board to develop a strong and unified local presence.

Extra reading

At Stake, we value hustle over honours degrees, so we’re more interested in you than your resume.  If you believe this is a role you want to jump into head first and be part of our mission, please apply directly to with a 2 line cover email and your CV (resume).

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