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About Stake

Stake is opening up the financial markets to the world. We’re on a mission to make accessing the opportunities in the world’s largest and most dynamic markets available to investors and traders, no matter where they live. 

Having started in 2017, Stake is a fast moving, customer led company, servicing a growing community who access the US market with lower costs and greater simplicity than anywhere else. Stake is driven to leverage technology and our experience to make the sophisticated appear simple and intuitive.  

Stake has its head office in Sydney, Australia with offices in Sao Paulo and London. 

Current Openings

Customer Success & Operations (0)

We currently do not have any customer success or operations roles.

Product, Engineering and Design (+2)

Senior Product Manager (Sydney)

We are reinventing wealth management for the new generation and from day 1 you will have a significant impact changing the way the world accesses opportunity.  We’ve started with stock brokerage and will continue on our path to deliver more to self-starters around the world. 

Stake is looking for a hungry and ambitious Senior Product Manager to own the end to end delivery of Stake’s offering. We have very high expectations of all staff and you should not read on if you are not up for a challenge.

We have amazing and talented staff within our team, from tech, operations and marketing units and have built the product and systems from fostering strong relationships with our customers and iterating based on their feedback. We need a product manager to be the customer advocate internally and continue on this journey, but with 100% focus on what is being delivered by Stake.

Why now
Our growth is accelerating exponentially and it’s just the beginning.  Stake will continue to grow and provide an exceptional customer experience by optimising every part of our business. You will be a major part of ensuring we continue to provide the best way for people outside the US to move into the world’s largest share market. We have a scalable product servicing  customers from Australia, UK, NZ and soon in Brazil and across Europe.   The world is literally there for the taking. 

The role
We’re looking for a reasonably experienced product manager who has worked closely on managing the delivery of B2C products before. This role reports to our CPO but will have significant interaction with all stakeholders (customers, partners, CEO and regulators etc). 

The remuneration package is AUD130-150K based on experience, plus meaningful equity.  

The job
Your job is to understand the customers needs, the requirements of the business and various stakeholders and prioritise the product roadmap. From here, you will be responsible for scoping the project, including involvement across all business functions, timelines, deliverables and then managing the process to ensure it’s delivery

The role requires:
  • Someone with a track record of getting it done.  Delivery over talk.
  • A desire to understand and listen to customers needs (both external and internal customers)
  • Tenacious attention to detail
  • A want to build a great brand that permeates all parts of the business and product
  • A desire to build well designed and intuitive products
  • Reasonable technical knowledge (for example, the ability to read and understand API docs)
  • Strong organisational skills – you will be managing workflows and requests
  • A deep understanding of workplace tools (JIRA, Trello etc…) and an ability to ensure that the organisation uses them effectively.
  • An ability to tell people to f-off.  Yes. We will hire a Product Manager that says it straight and gets stuff done. 
You’ll need all this because this is what you will be doing:
  • To start, learning the business, understanding our customers and using the product
  • Managing priorities and having significant input into what we build and why. 
  • Understanding key aspects of improvement within our product, operations and processes – work with the CPO and key stakeholders to determine a solution
  • Lead planning sessions and organising deliverables for the entire organisation from a product and delivery perspective.
  • Running project and product planning and ensuring 100% clarity on what we build and hustling to get execution done
  • Guiding the design and direction of the product by taking customer feedback and liaising with designers, marketing, technology and operations to deliver an elegant and scalable solution. 
How to Apply:

At Stake, we value hustle over honours degrees, so we’re more interested in you than your resume.  If you believe this is a role you want to jump into head first and be part of our mission, please apply directly to careers@hellostake.com with a 2 line cover email and your CV (resume).

Lead App Developer (Sydney)

What you need to know

Financial markets are complex and require ingenuity to provide a great customer experience whilst maintaining accuracy, compliance and availability. You are a fast learner and understand how to make efficient technical choices given any business context.

What you will be doing

  • Developing across the entire product stack using technologies such as Ionic, Angular, Python, SQL.
  • Working closely with our design team to create the ultimate customer-led trading experience.
  • Freedom to implement suitable technology to solve particular challenges associated with global expansion. Prioritising speed to market without significant technical debt.
  • Learn to manage software products in a fast growing business. 

Essential Requirements

  • 2+ years experience in Ionic 3, 4, 5 or similar mobile application frameworks
  • HTML, CSS (SCSS) and Javascript experience. Applied these technologies working within Angular, React or Vue. 
  • Prior experience releasing and managing consumer led products in a production environment to live customers.
  • A keen eye and love of design with a strong and critical understanding of UI/UX principles.
  • Worked with native plugins (security, camera, etc).
  • Competent at API interpretation, design and architecture.
  • Worked with git or workflow equivalent.
  • Enjoy working in a team environment, and collaborating on feature implementation.

Helpful requirements

  • An interest in finance or the markets. Can be a curious interest or a lifelong passion. 
  • Experience working on multi-region products and the complexity that may bring. 
  • You have built end to end applications. You understand how a modern web service is constructed, and you have experience beyond maintaining existing code. 
  • You have experience with application security and you know best practices. 

Remuneration Package
Salary $120 – 150K (subject to experience).

Applying for this role

At Stake, we value hustle over honours degrees, so we’re more interested in you than your resume.  If you believe this is a role you want to jump into head first and be part of our mission, please apply directly to careers@hellostake.com with a 2 line cover email and your CV (resume).

How to Apply:

At Stake, we value hustle over honours degrees, so we’re more interested in you than your resume.  If you believe this is a role you want to jump into head first and be part of our mission, please apply directly to careers@hellostake.com with a 2 line cover email and your CV (resume).

Marketing & Growth (+1)

Head of Marketing (Brazil)

About this Role

Stake will soon launch in Brazil and we’re looking for an energetic marketer to join the team in São Paulo to fuel our growth ambitions in Brazil and Latin America.

The Brazilian Head of Growth will receive plenty of support from the General Manager in Brazil, the Australian marketing team (notably Global Head of Marketing) as well as access to design and content resources. However, the role requires someone who is able to roll up their sleeves and almost be a one-person marketing team.

Someone who can understand the investment space emerging in Brazil specifically, and integrate that with broader cultural and consumer insights to turn this into a potent growth strategy. From here, this candidate should be able to go beyond strategy and into execution, managing the process to develop required content and promotional materials, liaising with media owners, managing ambassador relationships, forging new partnerships as well as growing a thriving Stake customer community.

Finally, the successful candidate will show an appetite for being able to understand the customer experience provided through our product as well as customer support portals and be able to identify opportunities to improve these overall and optimise these for a Brazil customer specifically.

The successful candidate will also be eager to be part of the ‘Global Team’ mindset we are building at Stake in order to contribute across borders.

Fundamentally this role is about working autonomously but being part of a team. We are a lean unit and we need smart, hardworking people who want to stretch themselves into a number of different areas. The candidate will gain from the knowledge of others and they will gain from the candidates.

What You’ll Be Doing
  • Defining and implementing a go-to-market and  medium term Brazil growth strategy
    • Building our go-to-market and launch strategy, as well as our 6-12 month growth strategy based on knowledge of local cultural and consumer insights as well as an understanding of what has been successful and unsuccessful previously in Australia, New Zealand and UK.
    • Defining clear phases that breakdown this strategy which include initiatives and campaigns that need to be implemented to achieve our growth targets.
    • This will be led by the Brazilian Head of Growth and collaborated on with the Brazil GM, Global Head of Marketing, Stake CEO and COO.
  • Managing and building our ambassador network
    • The Brazilian HoG will be responsible for creating and / or adapting existing content for our customers.
    • The Head of Growth will have to build out a network of brand ambassadors and drive value from them, as well as be constantly looking out to identify more people we can partner with that are a good brand fit.
  • Managing relationships with partners
    • In Australia, we have had a good track record with our partner network including The Motley Fool, Finder, Canstar and others. 
    • The Brazilian HoG will be responsible for identifying and establishing similar relationships in Brazil which will create opportunities to leverage them for growth as per the overall strategy. This may be content partnerships, customer acquisition partnerships, media partnerships.
  • Directly liaising with media
    • Given we run a little leaner than most companies, we don’t have all the luxuries of working with intermediary agencies. 
    • To this end, this role requires the candidate to be able to confidently identify media companies (Radio, OOH, etc) that we want to work with and be able to lead the negotiations and making of agreements on media purchasing with them directly.
  • Campaign ideation and implementation
    • Again, we don’t have a huge amount of agency resources so the role entails being able to think creatively on how we land important messages through campaigns as part of the overall strategy.
    • The role also then requires the candidate to be able to design the campaign elements required, brief the content creation team and then take charge of the media implementation of these.
  • Panel appearances, speaker opportunities and media contributions
    • Once up to speed on the brand, the business and the category, the candidate should actively look for opportunities for Stake to have a voice within the industry.
    • They will then be able to make comments to appear on the panels themselves (if the presence is required) or be able to organise others in the business to appear.
  • Managing our relationship with our PR firm
    • The Brazilian HoG will lead the relationship with our PR firm, creating a plan and creating content as needed for the media.
    • The HoG will also serve as a spokesperson on behalf of Stake – we understand it takes time to build the required knowledge, but as a small team, we all must be prepared to speak on behalf of Stake.
  • Growing our community of customers
    • A really important part of our success to date and future success will come as part of fostering an engaged community of customers. 
    • The Brazil HoG will identify strategies and initiatives that keep our community engaged, create an open dialogue between us and them and encourage them to advocate on our behalf.
Skills Required
  • Ability to work in a high-paced, exciting start-up environment. Being able to multitask, quickly execute and work across a number of projects.
  • Previous creative or media agency experience, ideally as a Strategist or Account Manager, demonstrating good consumer insight, organisation and campaign management skills
  • Encouraged: previous experience as a marketer on the client-side. Blending the more strategic, creative and implementation focused agency skills with the commercial and business skills that come from working inside the client business.
  • Social media content and community management experience.
  • Demonstration of  having grown or managed a customer community.
  • Good understanding of brand and converting a brand positioning and strategy into real life campaigns
  • Creative thinking and copywriting skills
  • Ability to learn marketing automation tools (e.g. Autopilot email publishing)
  • Proactive and ambitious mindset, ready to work on a number of interesting projects inside and outside of your core skill set.
  • Willingness to travel. This role will eventually involve travel to Australia.
  • Ability to work autonomously but also part of a team. The candidate will have lots of support from the broader world but will also need to take the lead on defining what needs to be done for growth and how we’ll do it. 
  • The ability to think long-term and short-term. We need to both build a brand while also growing in the short-term rapidly. As such you’ll need to wear lots of hats to identify initiatives that help us build over time and also those that help us grow overnight.
  • Our product is closely related to the culture of the United States, and even though not required, being familiar with the United States’ society and its investment culture is an added experience that will be highly valued.
  • Fluency in English is a must, since you will be interacting with the team in other countries (Australia and UK).

At Stake, we value hustle over honours degrees, so we’re more interested in you than in your resume. If you believe this is a role you want to jump into head first and be part of our mission, please apply directly to careers@hellostake.com with a 2 line cover email and your CV (resume) or link to your LinkedIn profile.

Compliance & Legal (0)

We currently do not have any compliance or legal roles.