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The High Flyer Index

Valuing footy players as if they were stocks. As part of our recent partnership with the West Coast Eagles, we decided to put a market-focused lens on the greatest game in Australia.

As part of our recent partnership with the West Coast Eagles, we decided to put a market-focused lens on the greatest game in Australia.

In a chaotic game that mixes speed, muscle, and mental edge, understanding which players demonstrate real value can be difficult. Sure, a Nic Nat hit out or Josh Kennedy snag are obvious impact plays, but how can you put a number to the output of a player?

The Stake High Flyer Index answers that.

Our proprietary algorithm assigns a price to the West Coast Eagles squad as if they were stocks in a market. Representing their fundamental value, and tracking their change over a season, it’s easy to see how valuable Gaff’s disposals are compared to Redden’s tackles.

The formula is weighted towards those who succeed in the most competitive situations. Just like trading, we see success in the AFL as proving value in the most heated situations. It’s more than goals and disposals.

With that, here are a few things we take weight highly.

One-percenters: Tracked by the AFL, this stat measures the actions that enhance your teams chance of scoring or forcing a turnover: knock-ons, spoils, smothers, and shepherds. Tom Barrass leads the team in this metric.

Intercept marks: Turn the ball over, get it up the field, shift momentum. A massively competitive stat. Hurns and McGovern excel here.

Effective disposals: Not only disposing of the rock but putting your teammates in an advantageous position with your disposal. Gaff and Kelly dominate.

No surprises, Nic Natinui is West Coast’s highest flyer. His hit outs-to-advantage set him apart from almost all other players in the league

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