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Stake is a place for our customers to break barriers and take advantage of opportunities previously not accessible. We are a community of customers, Stake employees, our partners and stakeholders with one common goal of taking control of our financial independence.

Stake was built by investors and traders for investors and traders. It follows that our community is everything to us. To keep our community safe, respected and inclusive, we have implemented this Code of Conduct (the Code). The Code encapsulates Stake’s values and what we expect from our community (you).

The Code

Throughout your investing journey, you will communicate with different members of the Stake community. Below are the rules that govern how everyone in the community must engage with one another. These rules will apply in all situations relating to Stake, including all types of communication on all platforms, whether online, in person, on the phone or otherwise. It also applies to communications with Stake staff and the company, whether by phone, by email, on social media or otherwise.

A breach of any of the rules of this Code can result in the termination, restriction or suspension of your account in our sole discretion as prescribed by our terms and conditions. We may also take any other action that we consider appropriate in the circumstances or that we are required by law to do. Such action may include taking legal action which can include a claim against you, or if required, notifying the relevant legal or regulatory authority. In the event that we take any such action, we are under no obligation to engage in further correspondence with you or inform you of our decision.

Rule 1 - Be respectful

Everyone in our community is to be treated with respect and dignity. All communications must be free of harassment, bullying, threats of violence and foul or demeaning language. No one deserves to be treated with disrespect and Stake has zero-tolerance for abusive or discriminatory behaviour.

Rule 2 - Be truthful

You must always provide us with truthful, accurate and up to date information about yourself. You must not mislead, misrepresent or provide false information to Stake or anyone else in our community, including relating to your identity or circumstances. Further, you must not impersonate another person, create fake aliases, or manipulate or forge false statements or records.

If we suspect that you are in breach of this rule, we may require further documentation from you to verify your identity until we are satisfied that the matter has been resolved.

Rule 3 - Be appropriate

You must not communicate or publish any sexually explicit, violent, illegal or otherwise inappropriate content whilst engaging with Stake or anyone in our community, including via any of our platforms or social media pages.

You must not make defamatory comments about anyone by making false statements that unfairly harms their reputation, particularly on social media and other public forums.

Rule 4 - Be considerate of others’ privacy

You must at all times respect the privacy of our staff and Stake community members. You should not ask any Stake staff member to share their personal information, social media accounts or anything similar. Any instances of unsolicited communications, repeated unwanted contact or stalking will not be tolerated.

Rule 5 - Be aware of intellectual property rights

Stake takes the intellectual property rights of others seriously. You must always check that you have the correct permissions or consent to use someone else’s content on any Stake platform.

Rule 6 - No unregulated financial advice

You must not ask anyone, indirectly or directly, to give you financial advice or recommendations relating to the markets, trading or other financial products. Likewise, you must not give anyone else financial advice unless you have a licence to do so.
The Stake platform is a place where people are inspired to take control of their own finances, but Stake does not offer personal financial advice.

Rule 7 - No tax advice

Stake is not a Registered Tax Agent and we cannot give any taxation advice, including in relation to capital gains or losses. We do however provide all customers with reports and statements to make lodging your tax returns easier.

Rule 8 - Anti-bribery

You must not engage in any gifting, bribery or any similar conduct to gain an advantage with Stake or any of its employees, agents or representatives.

Rule 9 - Market manipulation and collusion

Do not via Stake attempt to engage in insider trading. You must not collude with other investors in an attempt to manipulate the price of a stock. Further, you must not engage or facilitate any scheme or dupe other customers into making poor investment decisions.

Rule 10 - Trade compliantly

When trading on Stake Wall Street, all activity must be compliant with the rules and regulations of the exchange you are trading on.

When trading on Stake AUS, all activity must be compliant with the ASX Operating Rules.

Rule 11 - Be law-abiding citizens

You must always comply with all applicable laws whilst engaging with Stake and our community, including but not limited to anti-money laundering, bribery, or counter-terrorism laws.

Rule 12 - Maintain account security

You must not engage in any third-party activity in respect of your Stake account, either through enabling another person to use your account or using an account that is not yours.

You are responsible for ensuring that your account is safe. To help you with this, Stake has tools such as two-factor authentication to protect your account.

Rule 13 - Be fair

We are here to help you and believe that everyone in the Stake community has something important to contribute to our goal of financial independence. However, we understand that we may not always see eye to eye.

For any dissatisfaction or complaints, we have a dedicated internal dispute resolution team to resolve your issues. Your feedback is important, and we are always looking for ways to improve, however, we ask that you do not make frivolous or vexatious complaints, or use intimidation or other similar tactics to obtain your desired outcome.

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