Warren Buffett stocks: List of Berkshire Hathaway holdings

Berkshire Hathaway is well-known for its successful investments. Learn which stocks it holds now and how Warren Buffett chooses which new stocks to add to the portfolio.

Key highlights:

  • Berkshire Hathaway is known for its value-oriented approach to investing, where the company focuses on buying interest in undervalued companies with strong fundamentals and long-term growth potential.
  • The company's portfolio is heavily concentrated in a few large positions, such as its investments in Apple (AAPL), Coca-Cola (KO) and Bank of America (BAC).
  • Berkshire Hathaway's investment decisions are closely watched by the market as the company is led by legendary investor Warren Buffett, who is widely regarded as one of the most successful investors of all time.

What is Berkshire Hathaway Inc.?

Berkshire Hathaway was founded in 1839 as a textile manufacturing company in Massachusetts. The company faced financial difficulties in the 20th century and eventually shifted its focus to insurance under the leadership of Warren Buffett, who first bought shares in the company in 1962.

By the 1970s, Berkshire Hathaway had become a holding company with a diverse portfolio of investments in a variety of industries. In the following decades, Buffett and his team continued to make strategic investments in companies such as Coca-Cola (KO), American Express (AXP), and Wells Fargo (WFC), while also acquiring entire companies, such as GEICO, Dairy Queen and Fruit of the Loom.

Today, Berkshire Hathaway is considered to be one of the most successful and respected companies in the world, known for its long-term investments and strong financial performance. Despite a slowdown in early 2020 due to the pandemic, the BRK.A share price has recovered, and it's considered one of the most valuable companies in the world.

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Top 10 Warren Buffett stocks

Company Name


Stock Price

Number of Shares Owned

Value of Shares

Percent of Portfolio

Apple Inc.






Bank of America Corporation






Chevron Corporation






The Coca-Cola Company






American Express Company






Occidental Petroleum Corporation






The Kraft Keinz Company






Moody's Corporation






Activision Blizzard, Inc.






Data as of 30 September 2022 from SEC filings

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1. Apple Inc. (AAPL)

Exchange: NASDAQ

Market Capitalisation: $2.13t

Share holdings: 894,802,319

Value of holdings: $123.66b

Berkshire Hathaway first began buying shares of Apple Inc. in 2016. Since then, Berkshire Hathaway has continued to increase its position in Apple and is now one of the largest shareholders of the company, whose stock has enjoyed returns above +400%. Buffett continues to praise Apple’s CEO Tim Cook, indicating that he is still very bullish on the tech giant.

2. Bank of America Corporation (BAC)

Exchange: NYSE

Market Capitalisation: $281b

Share holdings: 1,010,100,606

Value of holdings: $30.50b

Bank of America has had Berkshire Hathaway as a shareholder since July 2011. Warren Buffett’s firm has since obtained returns well over +200% in its BAC investment. It is important to note that this is not the first time that the Oracle of Omaha has had an interest in Bank of America. In fact, Buffett bought and sold the bank’s shares when he thought the outlook for the company wasn’t positive in 2010.

3. Chevron Corporation (CVX)

Exchange: NYSE

Market Capitalisation: $343b 

Share holdings: 165,359,318

Value of holdings: $23.75b

Chevron has been part of Berkshire Hathaway’s portfolio since Q4 2020. The stock has since rallied over +150%, as energy prices soared across the globe. Berkshire’s position in Chevron is part of the company’s strategy to have a footing in the fossil fuel industry, though it’s not the only company in the sector in which Buffett owns shares.

4. The Coca-Cola Company (KO)

Exchange: NYSE

Market Capitalisation: $265b 

Share holdings: 400,000,000

Value of holdings: $22.40b

Famously one of Warren Buffett’s favourite companies, Coca-Cola was first bought by Berkshire Hathaway in 1988. In the following years, the stock would rise over 2,000%, making it one of the best investments that Buffett has ever made.

5. American Express Company (AXP)

Exchange: NYSE

Market Capitalisation: $116b 

Share holdings: 151,610,700

Value of holdings: $20.45b

The first time Berkshire Hathaway invested in American Express was in 1964. The position didn’t last for long, though: Buffett sold the stock in less than two years after more than doubling his money on it. In 1994 the companies would cross paths again, as Buffett bought shares of AXP. The stock has since rallied over 1,900%, making it another of Berkshire Hathaway's greatest investments ever made.

6. Occidental Petroleum Corporation (OXY)

Exchange: NYSE

Market Capitalisation: $59b 

Share holdings: 194,351,650

Value of holdings: $11.94b

Another of Berkshire Hathaway’s assets in the fossil fuels business, Occidental Petroleum has been part of the holding’s portfolio since Q1 2022. The stock is now over +100% up and Buffett has continued to buy shares in the company, bullish on the relatively small petroleum producer.

7. The Kraft Heinz Company (KHC)

Exchange: NASDAQ

Market Capitalisation: $51b 

Share holdings: 325,634,818

Value of holdings: $10.85b

Possibly one of Buffett’s biggest regrets, Berkshire Hathaway’s holdings in Kraft Heinz was bought in 2013, along with private equity giant 3G Capital. The holding bought 326m shares for US$24.6b, which are now worth only US$13.8b, a staggering -43% loss. Despite the enormous setback, Buffett continues to hold on to his position in the company, believing in the brand’s great renown and in the future growth of sales.

8. Moody's Corporation (MCO)

Exchange: NYSE

Market Capitalisation: $57b 

Share holdings: 24,669,778

Value of holdings: $5.99b

In Q4 2000, the eve of the great dotcom bubble, as investors stockpiled tech companies’ shares, Berkshire Hathaway bought a great position in the famous risk-assessment company Moody’s. In the following 23 years, the stock would rally over 2,000%, establishing itself as one of Buffett’s great investments.

9. Activision Blizzard, Inc. (ATVI)

Exchange: NASDAQ

Market Capitalisation: $60b 

Share holdings: 60,141,866

Value of holdings: $4.47b

As Activision Blizzard’s stock traded at around US$75 in Q4 2021, Berkshire Hathaway bought sizeable holdings in it. In January 2022, Microsoft announced plans to acquire the company at US$95.00 per share, a +26% premium on the current price. Warren Buffett said that he didn’t have any prior information about the acquisition when Berkshire first started buying, but considering that the holding has since been selling ATVI stock, he likely doesn’t believe that the transaction should take place.

What stocks has Warren Buffett bought recently?

Among Berkshire Hathaway’s recent new holdings are Taiwan Semiconductor (TSM), Louisiana-Pacific (LPX), and Jefferies Financial Group (JEF). The company also increased its position in Chevron Corp. (CVX), Occidental Petroleum (OXY), Paramount Global (PARA), Celanese Corp (CE) and RH Inc. (RH).

What stocks has Warren Buffett sold recently?

Berkshire recently reduced its holdings of Activision Blizzard (ATVI), U.S. Bancorp (USB), Bank of New York Mellon Corp (BK), Kroger Company (KR) and General Motors (GM).

How does Warren Buffett choose stocks?

Warren Buffett is known for his value investing approach, where he looks for undervalued companies with strong fundamentals and long-term growth potential. He focuses on companies with a durable competitive advantage, such as a strong brand, a solid management team, and a consistent track record of earnings and cash flow. He also looks for companies that have a "moat," or a sustainable competitive advantage that protects their profits from competition.


Why do investors love Warren Buffett?

Investors love Warren Buffett because he has a long track record of successful investments and has consistently generated high returns for his shareholders. He is known for his value investing strategy, which focuses on buying undervalued companies with strong fundamentals, and for his ability to identify and capitalise on market opportunities. Additionally, he is highly respected for his integrity and the transparency of his investment decisions.

Is Berkshire Hathaway a good stock to buy?

It is difficult to provide a definitive answer to whether Berkshire Hathaway is a good stock to buy without knowing an individual's specific financial situation and investment goals. However, Berkshire is generally considered a blue-chip stock due to its long history of relatively stable growth and somewhat reliable returns. It's important to note that Berkshire Hathaway is a large conglomerate with diverse business interests, and its performance may be affected by the overall performance of the economy and specific industries in which it operates.

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What companies does Warren Buffett own?

Warren Buffett only invests directly in Berkshire Hathaway. However, Berkshire Hathaway holdings include 44 different companies, which are:

Aon plc ($AON)

Activision Blizzard Inc. ($ATVI), Inc. ($AMZN)

American Express Company ($AXP)

Apple, Inc. ($AAPL)

Ally Financial Inc ($ALLY)

Bank of America Corporation ($BAC)

Bank of New York Mellon ($BK)

Celanese Corp ($CE)

Charter Communications ($CHTR)

Citigroup Inc ($C)

Chevron Corporation ($CVX)

Davita Inc ($DVA)

Floor & Decor Holdings ($FND)

General Motors ($GM)

Globe Life Inc ($GL)

HP Inc ($HPQ)

Jefferies Financial Group ($JEF)

Johnson & Johnson ($JNJ)

Kraft Heinz Company ($KHC)

Kroger Corporation ($KR)

Liberty Latin America Ltd ($LILA)

Liberty Media Corp ($LSXMK)

Louisana Pacific Corp ($LPX)

Markel Corp ($MKL)

Mastercard Inc ($MA)

Marsh & McLennan Cos ($MMC)

Mckesson Corporation ($MCK)

Mondelez International ($MDLZ)

Moody's Corporation ($MCO)

Nu Holdings Ltd ($NU)

Occidental Petroleum ($OXY)

Paramount Global ($PARA)

Procter & Gamble ($PG)

Restoration Hardware Holdings, Inc. ($RH)

Snowflake Inc ($SNOW)

StoneCo Ltd ($STNE)

T-Mobile US, Inc ($TMUS)

United Parcel Service ($UPS)

US Bancorp ($USB)

Verisign Inc ($VRSN)

Visa Inc ($V)

The Coca-Cola Company ($KO)

This does not constitute financial product advice nor a recommendation to invest in the securities listed. Past performance is not a reliable indicator of future performance. As always, do your own research and consider seeking appropriate financial or taxation advice before investing.


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