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Feature Drop: Multiple Watchlists

Create and name up to 10 lists with 15 stocks to eye before you buy.

Eye before you buy and bring your investment ideas to life. Track a stock’s movement by adding it to your watchlist.

We heard you, though. One wasn’t enough. Introducing Multiple Watchlists on Stake.

Now you can create and name up to 10 lists with 15 stocks in each. Sort them however you like. By industry. By market cap. By first letter! Add and move stocks easily to really make watchlists your own.

Get better visibility of trends. Make more informed decisions. Set your strategy in motion.

Whatever you’re watching, watch it better with Multiple Watchlists.

This is just another Feature Drop from Stake. Look out for more.

Stocks shown are for illustrative purposes only. This is not financial advice or a recommendation to trade these stocks.

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