When you invest, your capital is at risk.

Depositing funds

On Stake, you can fund your account through immediate bank transfers in the app using our secure Open Banking integration. This means that you can be in the market in minutes and have full transparency over your transfers. 


When you fund your account, you can choose the speed (express or regular) you want it in your brokerage account.

ServiceSpeedCut-off (GMT +1)
ExpressReceive your funds the same day, by market open (9am NY time)1pm
RegularReceive your funds the next day, during the next market session (by 1pm NY time)1pm

Getting Free Stock

When you fund your account for the first time on Stake, we'll drop a free share in Nike, Dropbox, GoPro or a mystery stock into your account. All you need to do is fund within 24 hours of your account opening. Simple as that. 

Read on for the ways to fund your account and get into the market (and get that free stock).

FX Transfer & Fees

You will have direct access to the spot FX rate for GBP to USD and full transparency of any fees charged.    

You can also select the speed (express or regular) you want your funds to arrive in your brokerage account. 

Unlike other UK brokers, Stake does not charge you an FX fee on every trade.  With Stake, once your funds are in US dollars (in your brokerage account) you can trade as much as you want. 

About Bank Transfers (and Open Banking)

Stake has integrated into Open Banking via TrueLayer, a regulated provider that facilitates fast and secure bank transfers between your bank account to our FX provider.

Open Banking is a UK regulated program pushed forward by the Competition and Market Authority (UK) to make data and transactions faster and more secure for UK residents.

Your transfer goes directly to the US via our FX provider, and is the fastest way to fund your account.

No Third-Party Deposits

Stake does not accept deposits from third parties. All deposits have to be in your name.


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