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What I’m Trading – Amrit

Amrit from Sydney spent his years working in both finance and as a product manager. After finding success using data from around the internet to predict stock price risers, he built his own tool and site to make the process more efficient.

Occupation: Founder at Wall Street Rank
Age: 33
Location: Sydney, Australia
Hobbies: Playing club Tennis, building fun no-code apps, voraciously consuming audiobooks
Stake Portfolio Size: ~US$38,000

What was your first trade on Stake?

Digital Turbine (APPS). It’s up 659% since buying it.

In one sentence, define your investing style.

Minimum 3-5 year holding period for stocks that are:

  1. Category defining.
  2. Have clear competitive moats.
  3. Display monopolistic tendencies.

Why are you in the market?

I love the diversity of the companies, the niche segments they play in, and the scale of their market potential.

What’s in your Stake portfolio right now?

Digital Turbine (APPS), Nio (NIO), Fiverr (FVRR), Peloton (PTON), Zoom Info (ZI), Skillz (SKLZ).

How are your returns so far?

My strategy has been working quite well, my portfolio is up 95.95% YoY.

What are you watching?

Mercado Libre, JD, Ring Central, Zynga, Sun Run, Amazon, Alteryx, Chegg, Zendesk, SouthWest Airlines, Alibaba.

Where do you get your market info from?

I primarily use various data points from the API that powers Wall Street Ranks, a platform I built which aggregates public financial data and predictions from different sources (check out my LinkedIn profile/posts for more details). I then dive deep into analyst reports on Seeking Alpha, and scan the past year of news about the stock to form a full picture.

What’s a piece of advice you’d give a newbie?

Spend some time paper trading and get used to a routine of doing research. Try to develop a method where the results correlate to your expectations. Then whenever you buy something and the market dips, you don’t panic sell. If the fundamentals of why you bought something haven’t changed, then stick it out.

If you were to buy a US stock or ETF right now, what would you buy? Why?

I would probably buy Mercado Libre stock right now.

ICYMI: make your own decisions

This is not investment advice, just my opinion. It doesn’t reflect any opinions of Stake. I’m as fresh to this as the next person off the street. Do your own research and make your own decisions.

When you invest, your capital is at risk. The value of investments can go up as well as down and you may receive back less than your original investment.


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