What Im Trading: James -
What I’m Trading: James

Occupation: Operations Management
Industry: Solar Industry
Age: 25
Location: Australia
Stake Portfolio Size: ~$30k USD

Define your trading style.

I would consider myself as a long term trader, however, I am learning every day, even attempting some day trading. I keep a close eye on my investments & make adjustments where I feel needed. Something I love about Stake is the $10 minimum trade amount &  fractional shares, it means I can almost legitimately dollar cost average on my long term holds & take smaller risks on stocks I am not 100% on. I am gaining knowledge on companies I love & industries I understand most. I am learning my lessons like, trying not to get wrapped up in the hype over stocks such as Lemonade (LMND) that quickly lost its fizz or hoping for a quick bounce back from Dave & Busters (PLAY). Instead, I focus on what I  understand, requesting stocks such as Tortoise Acquisitions Corp (SHLL) & investing in  ‘VectolQ’ (now Nikola). Having a passion for EVs & renewables meant it wasn’t such a  task, but actually exciting to see new innovations coming. This also meant I didn’t get as hurt on the stock crashes as I was able to adjust my positions accordingly, especially in  Nikola (phew).

Why are you in the market?

I have always had a thing about owning a bit of a company. Just for fun when Facebook  IPO’ed I bought some just to say “hey I own my FB profile”. It was more of a challenge buying stock back then. In 2019, I then began looking at different trading platforms to learn more & hopefully earn some extra money. I eventually signed up to Stake in  December 2019 but was really nervous about taking a risk, doing something I had no experience in & putting trust in Stake as a platform. A good friend then one day was talking to me & made me remember how I felt about owning Facebook. My friend said, “You know what, I just want to buy Tesla! Not for the money, although a bonus, but I love that company. Even just 1 share or half a share, but that company is great for our future”.  I then told them about Stake & together in March 2020, my friend & I funded our accounts  & bought a little bit of Tesla. It was exciting & still to this day is exciting. I believe investing should be fun. Yes there are risks & yes it is real money we could potentially lose, but as they say, if you enjoy what you do, you never work a day in your life. I now realise the importance of investing & how it can benefit my future & even retirement.  Hopefully, as I learn more, I will continue to have fun & grow my portfolio.

What are a few positions in your portfolio right now?

I position myself mostly in Tech, EVs & Renewables, all of which I see a great future in. Of course, that means I am a long term Tesla fan, so when the price is down it is basically a  buy… although I know that may not be forever. Tesla has also partnered with Sunrun for solar installs which are going well, while Brookfield Renewable Corp (BEPC) is a nice all-around renewable stock. I also like Square (SQ), it is great for small business owners & challenging banks. I am also dollar-cost averaging myself in some Gold Stocks as I feel it’s important to invest in precious metals. Gold is cyclical & generally rises when there is fear. Given the current US debt & what is going on around the world, I would consider this a steady investment.

How are your returns so far?

Mind-blowing! It really is rewarding. I am gaining knowledge of companies I love &  supporting them, but also hopefully one day use them to help support me. Sadly I am a  bit dampened by Lemonade (LMND), down 40% in 2 months. That’s ok though, I don’t think it’s going to end up totally flat. Thankfully Brookfield Renewables (BEPC) is up 20% in just 2 months  & Sunrun (RUN) up 60% in 4 months, while NIO is up 120% in 6 months.

What are you keeping an eye on?

An investment in Stake! Much like I am a Tesla fan, I am also a Stake fan. I see a lot of potential in the company. It is the best platform I have used (& I tested a heap), I hope it continues to innovate, grow & back all its members no matter their portfolio size or time trading. Maybe it would be listed on the Aussie exchange? Would that mean access to other Aussie stocks too, maybe UK ones while they are at it? Ok I know I can dream… I  am also keeping my eye on other companies offering autonomous features, primarily in cars such as Sony & Intel. Unfortunately, I got wrapped up a bit in the hype over TikTok/ Oracle, but I am still following that closely, hoping for some kind of return. I have also considered Snowflake, but I am waiting on the second release of shares & being careful not to get wrapped up in the hype on that too. It is all about learning & it is the only way I  will hopefully be able to really successfully grow my portfolio.

Any prediction for a stock, industry or general markets?

I definitely picked a roller coaster of a year to start investing…I feel as though the roller coaster won’t end anytime soon before we see a more rational market. There is definitely more than ever a buzz around EVs, Tech & Renewables. Be careful not to get wrapped up in hype or whipped out by a rolling truck (Hey Nikola). Even if you buy in at a high price, if that company has a strong future, you should still see gains long term. Just hold on, don’t panic & invest wisely.

ICYMI: make your own decisions

This is not investment advice, just my opinion. It doesn’t reflect any opinions of Stake. I’m as fresh to this as the next person off the street. Do your own research and make your own decisions.