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Go premium for free until January 2021

Since 2017, we’ve been on a mission to break down the barriers denying people around the world simple, affordable access to the world’s largest and most dynamic market. In pursuit of our mission, we’re excited to announce an update to our pricing.

As of today, we will be removing Stake Unlimited, leaving just one clear premium upgrade, Stake Black. What’s more, Stake Black will retain all of its sophistication but will be priced at just US$9/month.

To continue providing affordable access to the world’s biggest market, our users will still be able to access commission-free trades, fractional shares as well as advanced order types and access new listings, at no cost.

For those who want even more, you’ll be able to update to Stake Black for analyst ratings, pro-level data and instant buying power. You can read all about our transparent pricing and product features here.

Free Stake Black For Everyone Until January 2021

Until now, access to Stake Black has been based on portfolio size, but from today, we’ll be upgrading everyone to Stake Black until January 2021, free of charge. That’s right, no matter your portfolio size, you’ll be able to trade like the pros with free access.

What happens in January 2021?

In January 2021, we’ll give all customers the option to either stay on Stake Black at US$9/month or move to regular Stake, at no cost. We’ll be sending out an email closer to the date, to ensure all customers have enough time to make their decision.

How will subscriptions to Stake Black be charged?

We’re still working on the best model that suits how our customers use our product. We’ll be sure to let you know how Stake Black subscription charges work, closer to the date. 

What if my account is over $25K?

If you’ve had an account of $25K or above, you’ve already been enjoying the benefits of Stake Black, free of charge. Come January 2021, irrespective of your portfolio size  you’ll have to elect to stay on Stake Black for US$9/month.

Can I day trade on Stake Black?

With access to Instant Buying Power, customers will now be able to day trade. It’s important to note that customers with portfolios under US$25k need to be even more careful to avoid Pattern Day Trading (PDT). PDT is a US-specific rule governing day trading. Get the full explanation in our blog post here.