🗞️The Wrap: Apply Within

We’re giving job seekers a helping hand, looking into the past and taking a take a deep-dive into what all you crafty traders have been up to in the past week on Stake. Plus, we take a look at the strategies of a new member of our team.

5 Stocks Making 52 Week Lows

  • Sabre (SABR) -32.4%
  • Equitrans Midstream Corp (ETRN) -29.3%
  • Kosmos Energy (KOS) -29.14%
  • Spirit Airlines (SAVE) -27.3%
  • Delek US Holdings (DK) -25.9%

Apply Within

Looking for a job? We know of a few places hiring. There’s a mass exodus of CEOs of listed companies right now, and there are some huge names on that list.

Bob Iger stepped down from Disney last week. Successor Bob Chapek is only the company’s 7th CEO in its 89 year history. That sounds like a Buffett kinda company which may explain why he bought a 5% stake in 1966 (which he has since sold).

Companies like Mastercard, Salesforce, Hulu, IBM, Match, Uber Eats and Expedia have also been on recruiting drives. In fact, the number of CEO resignations is almost double the 10 year average. This stock sell off mightn’t be just COVID-19 fears.

What You Traded: Coronavirus Edition

You’ve all read the headlines; Doomsday warnings, BTFD alerts and all, I don’t have to rehash what’s been going on the past few weeks.

For those who missed it, we put together a recap of what you guys have been trading the past week or so. At first glance, people are loving Buffett (and his hundreds of billions in the war chest waiting to buy “cheap” stocks). The volatility ETFs, an old friend from Q4 2018, are also very popular right now, understandably.

Click here for the lowdown and more interesting tidbits and figures.

Top 5 Gainers

  • Inovio Pharma (INO) +69.7% in the last week
  • Omeros Corp (OMER) +55.36%
  • Nucana (NCNA) +31.05%
  • Boingo Wireless (WIFI) +18.0%
  • ProShares Ultra VIX (UVXY) +17.5%

Top 5 Fallers

  • Lydall (LDL) -48.6% in the last week
  • Dycom (DY) -42.0%
  • Realogy Holdings (RLGY) -35.7%
  • Mallinckrodt (MNK) -34.1%
  • Sabre Corp (SABR) -32.4%

Swings and Roundabouts

A salute to all the market veterans who were trading in 2008. I stumbled across this data on daily market movements during the peak of the GFC and it looked like Mr Market typed ‘=rand()’ into Excel each morning to generate the return.

In 3 months from September to December there were 2 days of gains above 10%, 3 losses of above 8% and 4 straight days of 6% swings up or down. WTF. On top of that, there were only 4 days with daily swings of less than 0.5%.

While the long term holders sit back and laugh (as well as market makers and volatility traders), I can still imagine how tiring it would be to be anywhere near this yoyo.

It’s a great reminder that we were lucky to have a decade long bull run. Volatility can last for more than a week so either be prepared, or be patient; it may be a while before we’re seeing consecutive runs of green.

What We’re Watching |  FinTwit

I’m 21. We don’t “do” Twitter. It’s supposed to be for politicians and Yanks. But during the recent volatility I found it incredibly useful for the most up to date info on the markets. Not only headlines but live analysis from some of the best CIOs, founders, billionaires all in one place. On top of that, where else can I directly converse with PhD physicists and Wall St Vets who have seen this 4 times since ‘87.

It can be a bit of an echo chamber, and every few tweets comes with a reminder that the Tweeter “predicted it in my newsletter sent to subscribers on Monday”…but the analysis is definitely a level or four above the #DD on Wall Street Bets.

Here’s some accounts to get you started: @SuperMugatu, @DailyDirtnap, @MarkMinervini.

Trader Teaser

If a stock falls by 2% one session and then rises 2% the next session consecutively for 200 sessions, how much will it be worth after 182 trading sessions?

Best Buy | TVIX +101%

We’re heading international with our first foreign Best Buy…flights are just too cheap not to!

While the Carnival Cruise traders didn’t quite make the Best Buy section (yet), a volatility trader unsurprisingly took out this week’s crown.

It takes a brave trader to hold an exotic ETF overnight but this trader from London is counting his winnings.

Into TVIX last Tuesday, still holding today. Up 101%. Nice work.

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