The Future of Brokerage in NZ

NZ, the future of brokerage is here.

Since the 1970s, electronic brokerage has been paving the way to give investors better access to financial markets. Over the last 50 years, technology in the markets, as in all industries, has made rapid progress.

Fast forward to the 1990s and early 2000s as brokerage went digital – giving retail investors a way to invest online without having to make a phone call to their broker.  You could now invest in your local market for a little less cost, and with a lot less fuss.

Unfortunately for those outside the US, not much has changed since the early 2000s. Those same online brokers still operate in pretty much the same way they did back then. Fees are the same and the investment offerings haven’t changed.

However, in that same time, there’s been huge innovation in the space, particularly in the US, with investors there having access to more intuitive and seamless platforms with a larger range of products. Also, innovation has been so powerful that they no longer pay to buy & sell shares. Yep, for over 5 years, brokerage fees in the US have been $0.

When you look at this backdrop, and with the power of digital innovation, why should investors in New Zealand still be paying huge fees for trading in shares on the NZX and pretty much the same when accessing the ASX from New Zealand?

What’s even more ridiculous is that when it comes to trading in the world’s biggest stock market and investing in US shares from New Zealand, the cost is even higher than that – even though the wholesale cost of trading is zero. Quite simply, local NZ investors are being treated like it’s 1999.

For us at Stake, this is simply not good enough. Built by traders who have worked at trading firms in the US, we set out on a path to make sure that no matter where you are, you can access the world’s largest stock market in the same way that those in the US do.

We use technology to give people around the world the same access to Wall St. We break down all the barriers and make investing directly in the world’s largest companies and the most dynamic ETF market, better than trading on your local market.

So Join The New Frontier

This mindset represents a new era in brokerage, where opportunity isn’t determined by where you live. Where not only can you access Wall St and trade commission-free, but you can do so on a platform that offers both simplicity and sophistication – because charts and balance sheets don’t need to be 1990s ugly.

And finally, you can do away with paper forms and excessive fees – because those that embrace new frontiers wouldn’t accept that either. The new era means breaking away from the old and bringing innovation and change to the fore.

That’s what drives Stake from a product side. Simplicity and sophistication, at the most compelling price point, allowing the ambition of our customers to come to the surface.

As customers of our own product, we know there is more to investing than just that though. Security, safety and regulation are vital to the experience you get too. We’re 100% committed to building a company, not only a product, that represents the best of what trading can be. Seamless and sophisticated, safe and secure.

Having worked with top tier law firms and liaising with the regulators, we’ve carved out a New Zealand product that scares the old school banks and the brokers they fund in New Zealand. These firms for too long have lived off their strong footprint and the claim that financial markets are complex and expensive to keep their fat commissions. Their way to keep you paying more and getting less.

We know that you’re reading this because you don’t accept this. We’re with you.

The new era of investing is here. And it’s here for good.

Join The New Frontier