New Zealand. It’s Time.

This April, commission-free stock trading is coming to New Zealand.

NZ it’s time. It’s time for better access. It’s time for new opportunities. It’s time to trade up.

For too long, accessing the US stock market has been too hard and too expensive for those in New Zealand. Who told us? You did.

Thanks to your feedback, this April you’ll have direct access to the US market, where you can sign up, fund your account and trade the US market, commission-free within 5 minutes.

No more paying per trade. No more offline FX transfers. No more indirect exposure. No more settling for the NZX and ASX and paying $30 per trade. Because, NZ, it’s time.

How We Got Here

Stake was built to open the world’s largest stock market to the rest of the world. From the moment we launched in Australia in 2017 we set out to break down the barriers that prevented those outside the US from accessing the incredible opportunities on Wall Street, we had New Zealanders reaching out to make Stake available to them too.

In 2019, we created a more manual way to bring NZ customers on board. Now with hundreds of Kiwi customers, we’ve been able to work with those first customers to design a smooth and seamless NZ specific product that gives every NZ investor and trader better access to the US market.

The NZ Feedback

For the past 3 years, and more regularly in the last few months, we’ve been speaking with you. From our current and future customers as well as our partners in the market, the feedback was consistent.

You told us that NZ needs access more than most, but you are forced to settle for high cost trades in NZX and ASX names.

You told us you want to invest in the US and access those big names stocks, the future game changers and trade the breadth of ETFs that give you access to returns, no matter the market conditions. But for you, much like it was for Australians, it’s complicated, cumbersome and expensive. Some of the biggest stockbrokers don’t even offer online access to the US market. And when they do, it’s $90USD per trade – minimum.

Your frustration was deafening. All of this was happening while trades in the US went to $0 and the rest of the world was getting commission-free trading. You told us you were left out. We hear you. We’re with you. From now on, and always.

What You’ll Get from Stake

You’re getting access to the US stock market like you’ve never had before. At launch, you’ll get all of the following in the palm of your hands:

  • Unlimited commission-free trading on all the 3,500+ stocks and ETFs on Stake
  • Take any opportunity, no matter the conditions with seamless access to inverse, commodity and volatility ETFs
  • Advanced order types, fractional shares and real-time execution
  • Direct FX funding from your bank account without having to leave the app – you’ll know the exact FX rate, fees and the time your funds will arrive.
  • Digital verification without any paper forms, including a digitally completed W8-BEN form.
  • Access to our premium Brokerage Packs Stake Unlimited and trading on unsettled funds with Stake Black (for free until 30 June 2020)
  • Oh, and a free US stock (Nike, Dropbox or GoPro) when you sign up and then fund within 24 hours.

All of this delivered through an intuitive platform experience. App is the first to launch with web following shortly after.

You’ll also get 100% effort from us. We’re on a mission to break down the barriers that prevented those outside the US from accessing the world’s biggest and most dynamic market. We’re on a journey to take you to Wall St, and we’re here to listen, get better and constantly challenge what can be done. Our community makes us better and drives all of us forward – so send through ideas, feedback and spread the word. We’re stronger together.

NZ it’s time. It’s time for better access. It’s time for new opportunities. It’s time to trade up.

If you want exclusive access to all this before anyone else in New Zealand, join Stake’s NZ Founders Club