Hello candlesticks. Welcome back axis.

Improved Charting now on Stake.

Today, we dropped some new charting features into the Stake app that will give you more insight and visibility into the market.

With the introduction of candlestick charting, you’ll now be able to analyse stock trends and movements in more detail and by bringing back axis, you don’t need to whip out your ruler to track the movement of a stock.


To access the candlestick charts, you’ll need to update your app. After that, you can toggle between the line charts (with axis) and the candles.

Scroll your fingers across the chart to feel the vibrations (literally) of the market and get even more detail for each candle (time period).

Other Changes.

You’ll notice a few other changes that reflect what you wanted from the app.

Improved portfolio pages. We’ve consolidated the data so your portfolio reporting is super clean and you’ll need to toggle far less.

Cleaner stock tiles. So you get more insight into the stocks, we’ve consolidated the data onto 1 tile — the current price (or close price) plus the day move in $ and % is available immediately. No more pressing to get that info.

Limit by default. You told us that you like to have more control and would like Limit orders (not market orders) as your default. We’ve made that change. You can still toggle to stop and market orders, limit orders are now the first thing you’ll see when placing a trade.

These changes will be coming through to the web shortly and we’ll be pushing out even more enhancements to Stake in the next few weeks too.

Keep Sending Feedback.

We’re always looking to improve Stake so you can better access the U.S. market. We’ll continue to be adding more powerful tools and functionality, but without compromising on our goal of making your trading seamless and intuitive.

These new features were the most requested and are the start of many more to come. Your feedback helps us determine what we build next, so please keep it coming.

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