Free Stock on Stake

Stake exists to give you access to the US market and the opportunity it offers. The sheer size and diversity of the US stock market means there are opportunities to be seized no matter the market conditions.

We want investors around the world to seize these opportunities. So to get you started, we’re giving you a free stock when you fund your Stake account within 24 hours of it being ready.

This program starts on Monday, March 16 and at this stage, there is no end date. For additional information, you can read the full Program Terms here.

How it Works

Create a Stake account and after funding it within the allotted time, you’ll get the option to claim a free stock.

If you choose to claim the free stock, you’ll get a free share in Nike, Dropbox or GoPro. Once done, the stock will be on its way to you and in your account within 3 trading days.

The Stocks

You will receive a free stock in one of Nike, Dropbox or GoPro. These are allocated randomly as per the Program Terms. Which will you get!?

We have no opinion on whether these shares will go up or down (as all stocks are subject to market moves). Once you have your stock you can do what you want with it – sell, hold or buy more. As always, it’s up to you.

Time Limits

You will have 24 hours to fund your account after your account is ready to fund (verified). You will see a timer on Stake.

Receiving Stock

After funding your account within the time, you will be asked to claim your stock. From here, you will be allocated your stock, which will be in your account within 3 trading days. You’ll be notified on Stake and also by email.

Eligible Countries

You can sign up to Stake from anywhere, and therefore are able to meet the eligibility criteria, but you will need to fund your account via the funding options inside the app. This is easiest for customers from the UK, Australia and New Zealand.

As we roll out more in app (and web) funding options, this will be available to people in more countries.


In order to get a free stock you need to:

  • Have a verified Stake account (non-individual accounts such as Company, SMSF or ISA accounts are not eligible).
  • Have not yet funded that account on Stake.
  • Fund your account for the first time through a Stake payment gateway (see below) within 24 hours. A timer will show when you open the app (or web) and visit your portfolio page.

You are not eligible to get a free stock if:

  • You already have an individual account that is funded.
  • You fund your account after the 24hour window has finished.
  • You fund your account after the free stock programme has finished.

Funding Methods

To receive a free stock, your funding needs to be in the first 24 hours and via these gateways (all on the Stake app or website).

In Australia

  • POLi
  • Debit / Credit Card
  • AUD Wallet Transfer (via Macquarie)

In New Zealand

  • POLi

In the UK

  • Bank Transfers via TrueLayer

Price and Tax Implications

Your stock will transfer into your account (on the transactions history and reports) at a price of $0.00. Check with your tax advisors what impact selling those free shares may have on your taxable returns.

In your portfolio, it will transfer in at the last traded price so you can follow it and see its daily move.

Direct USD Transfers / Portfolio Transfers

If you fund your Stake account with a direct USD funding or transfer your portfolio over to Stake, you won’t be eligible for a free stock for that funding or transfer.

However, you can still receive a free stock by funding via the Stake website or app if you do within the allotted time.

Transfer Amount

Other than the usual minimum funding amounts, there is no minimum amount to be eligible to receive a free stock.

Multiple Accounts

Only 1 account per person can claim and receive a free stock. This means you cannot set up multiple accounts and claim stock for each of them.

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