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What you need to know for Airbnb IPO

IPO Thursday 10th December, 2020.

We know a lot of Stake Traders are gearing up for the big Airbnb IPO. We’ve received a couple of questions from the community so prepared this all ‘you need to know guide’ for Airbnb’s IPO.

Will I be able to place a trade on Airbnb prior to IPO on Stake?

Unfortunately not. In order to pull correct pricing and data through to platform we need to wait until the first trade is effectively executed on the exchange before we can start filling orders. For this reason you will not be able to trade ABNB prior to IPO, and any order placed before this time will be automatically cancelled.

Will I be able to place a Market of Limit Buy order for Airbnb?
Once ABNB is live on the exchange you will be free to trade on Stake using Market and Limit orders. 

What time will Airbnb IPO?
Whilst the date of IPO is confirmed for Thursday 10th, December ABNB may not necessarily be available to trade at market open 9:30am NYT. Due to the ceremonial ringing of the bell and various press interviews, the time of listing may be delayed. 

We hope you all enjoy the rush of a big IPO like Airbnb. We’re always around to help so if you have any other questions feel free to get in touch at

We have also received a few questions regarding the Airbnb promotion as soon on other – below are a few of the frequently asked questions.

I signed up two days ago and have funded my account – are you able to update my referral code to airbnb?

Unfortunately, due to promotional terms and conditions we are unable to back date any referral codes prior to the promotional period.

I saw your Sharebnb offer but forget to input the referral code. Can you update for me?

As per promotional terms and conditions we are unable to change referrals codes retrospectively to accomodate for promotion. For this reason we please ask that you ensure you take your time signing up and use the referral code you wish to use.