Refer Friends, Get Stock

How it Works

Share Stake with your family, friends and colleagues or even wider if you like. When they use your referral code and fund their account, you’ll spin the mystery wheel and get a free stock of Nike, Dropbox or GoPro.

As part of our mission to bring the opportunities of the US market to the rest of the world, we started providing new Stake users with a free stock in Nike, Dropbox or GoPro when they funded their account within 24 hours.

We’re now rewarding you, our existing users, by giving you a free stock when you bring someone to Stake and share the opportunities of the US market with them.

So when you refer someone to Stake, you both can get a free stock. As the referrer, you’ll always get one when they fund their account. If your friend funds within 24 hours they’ll get one too.

To make sure it’s simple to understand, we’ve tried to answer all the questions you may have in this article.

Get Free Stock

If you refer someone, when they fund their account (at any time) you will receive a free stock. They just need to include your referral code when signing up. We’ve made this really easy to do.

If the person you refer funds their account within 24 hours of it being ready, they’ll also get free stock.  So after referring them, chase them up to get moving with their Stake account – its the best way for both of you to get free stock and them into the market!

Free stock will only go into your individual accounts for both you and the person you refer.

How do I Share?

We’ve made it super easy to share Stake digitally. You’ll see prompts inside Stake (app & web) when you are signed into your account. Click on those and share via WhatsApp, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Email, and SMS, plus much more.

Check your Account Tab and the referral section if you can’t find the prompts.

We made sure your referral code will be included in the message so when your friend clicks it, it follows all the way through to sign-up.

You can always tell someone your referral code too and they can enter it when signing up.

Social Media (Twitter, Facebook etc)

Sharing this way is a great way to get lots of free stock and share in the mission of bringing opportunity to more. You may even earn free stock from people you don’t know.

Your referral code (plus some sleek Stake images) will be attached to the sharing available in Stake, so you could be flying into lots of free stock if you get sharing.

Managing Referrals

Your referrals are all laid out in your Accounts tab on app and web. You can track successful and those referrals not yet activated – so you can chase them up and let them know what they are missing out on!

The Stocks

For every successful share, you will receive a share in Nike, Dropbox or GoPro. The % chance of each stock is the same as the Free Stock Program.

After a successful referral, you’ll receive an email informing you to claim your free stock.

To claim your stock, go to your referral tab on Stake and follow the prompts.  Free stock will be in your account in 2-3 trading days.

Previous Referral Program

We’ve done away with the old system, so now you can now get rewarded for every referral (not just at 2, 5 and 10).

In order to get this new referral program working and make it easier for you to share and earn free stock, we had to remove the old system completely. This means you won’t see any previous referrals you’ve made.

To access the new program and start getting free stock for every referral, make sure that you have update your app.

More Information

The T&Cs and detailed info on our referral program is available here.

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