Our fresh new look.

Welcome to Stake.

Stake logo

We break barriers so people never have to settle in their pursuit of financial progress.

We are Stake

Built by traders, not by banks. Built to break barriers.

Stake was founded to solve a problem; accessing Wall St outside the U.S. was hard. We broke these barriers and continue to do so as we put more opportunities just a tap, click or swipe away from investors, anywhere.

Our new logo

Having a stake in something means to be part of it. To own it.

We found our stake in the letter ‘A’, to represent how our customers pierce through barriers to lay claim to and seize opportunities.

Our wordmark is designed to provide fresh energy and is italicised and rotated at just 1 degree to hint toward lift off and forward progress.

Faster, Smoother, Slicker

We’ve significantly upgraded our platform. More seamless and intuitive on the surface, with a more powerful engine underneath.

If you haven’t already, upgrade your app to access these as well as new features including the hotly demanded Dark Mode.