Now we’re doing it to the ASX

We broke the barriers to Wall St.
A new era of ASX brokerage, one that gives control and transparency over your investments. Register below for more information in the coming months on how you can be first on our Beta.


This is the natural next step for us and the one you deserve.

Investing in the US market used to be costly, complex and cumbersome. So we pioneered commission-free brokerage in Australia and created seamless access to Wall St.

When it comes to ASX, we’ve listened to our community. The current experience for investors on the ASX isn’t up to scratch and people want better transparency from the system and greater control over their investments.

So it’s time for us to break these barriers and enrich the investing experience by doing ASX the Stake way.

A New Era of Brokerage

Soon, you’ll be able to invest in all publicly traded stocks and ETFs on the ASX and Chi-X through Stake.

But don’t expect the same-old to what’s already out there. We’ll be redefining what brokerage looks like for the ASX, to provide you more control and greater transparency.

What to Expect

We’ll be releasing full details about our offering in the coming months but expect a new ASX brokerage model that’s fresh and exciting.

Expect to be able to invest in Aussie equities with a better product, pricing model and UX.

Expect dynamic and fluid control over your investments, taking on ASX by day and Wall St by night. All in on one platform.

Expect a new era of brokerage.

Control + Transparency