What I’m Trading

See what Stake members are dabbling in.

What I'm Trading
September 8, 2020

What I’m Trading – Tim

This week, we hear Stake customer, Tim. He lets us in on his trading style, current portfolio and what he's…
What I'm Trading
August 12, 2020

What I’m Trading – Adrian

This week, we hear from Operations and Customer Success team member, Adrian Monardo. Hear about his view on the market…
What I'm Trading
March 4, 2020

What I’m Trading – Andrew

This week, we hear from a long-time Stake customer who has just joined the team at Stake HQ. Hear about…
What I'm Trading
January 31, 2020

What I’m Trading – Bill

The inner workings of a million dollar portfolio. Stocks or options, this week's trader has a strategy for everything to…
What I'm Trading
January 24, 2020

What I’m Trading – Joel

Today on 'What I'm Trading', we speak with Joel, a Sydney based business development manager loving Beyond Meat and other…
What I'm Trading
November 28, 2019

What I’m Trading – Pete

Occupation: Head of Training Industry: Food tech (software for the food and technology industry) Age: 39 Portfolio Size: US$5 USD…
What I'm Trading
November 28, 2019

What I’m Trading – Alex

What I'm Trading: Alex.Occupation: Student Industry: Still figuring out how I'll run the world. Age: 21   Portfolio Size: US$3012.28How…
What I'm Trading
November 22, 2019

What I’m Trading – Esteban

What I'm Trading: Esteban.Occupation: Student Industry: Talking Age: 22 Location: Buenos Aires, Miami, Boston, Sydney. Wherever the world takes me. …

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