The Wrap

Our weekly take on what’s going on in the market.

The Wrap
September 30, 2020

🗞️The Wrap: Poker Face

We head into Q3 with some lessons from the felt, the fuss about direct listings and making money selling shovels.
The Wrap
September 23, 2020

🗞️The Wrap: Shades

Amazon’s billion dollar farm system, new faces in the S&P500 and we hear from the key cog in Stake’s engine,…
The Wrap
September 16, 2020

🗞️The Wrap: Taking Stock August

Let’s have a look at what you’ve been trading on Stake over the last 6 weeks. What happens to trade…
The Wrap
September 9, 2020

🗞️The Wrap: Farm

Amazon’s billion dollar farm system, new faces in the S&P500 and we hear from the key cog in Stake’s engine,…
The Wrap
September 2, 2020

🗞️The Wrap: On the Books

Bitcoin on the books, splitting up the monopolies and own a piece of Nintendo.
The Wrap
August 26, 2020

🗞️The Wrap: Weighted

The devil is in the Dow, check out what’s new on the platform, prepare for Powell’s “speech of the century”.…
The Wrap
August 19, 2020

🗞️The Wrap: Shiny

Buffet’s bet on precious metals, its signals of the U.S economy & how big can Chinese tech get?
The Wrap
August 12, 2020

🗞️The Wrap: Taking Stock

Alex takes a well-deserved break and James takes the keys as we take stock and look ahead to what’s next.
The Wrap
August 5, 2020

🗞️The Wrap: Splits

Splits, SPACs and a visit to the Jungle.
The Wrap
July 29, 2020

🗞️The Wrap: Premium

The Buy-Write ETF, a sex index and perhaps the biggest #TransformationTuesday of the year.
The Wrap
July 22, 2020

🗞️The Wrap: Twitchy

E-athletes out-earning Pogba, honey bees prepare their IPO and the inner workings of an ETF.
The Wrap
July 15, 2020

🗞️The Wrap: Indexed

Tesla is on the verge of S&P500 inclusion, making cash from kicks and the one stop shop for all charts.…
The Wrap
July 8, 2020

🗞️The Wrap: Green

How Zimbabwe’s stock market is affecting its currency, green stocks are in the green, and insurance meets disruption with a…
The Wrap
July 1, 2020

🗞️The Wrap: Hometown

How our address may influence our portfolio composition, the correlation between RVs and recessions and an invitation to the greatest…
The Wrap
June 24, 2020

🗞️The Wrap: Delisted

We say goodbye to an old friend (or enemy), how stocks perform at the end of the tax year and…
The Wrap
June 17, 2020

🗞️The Wrap: Money Printers

We look at the town who didn’t need J Powell to print their own money, how rubber gloves made a…
The Wrap
June 10, 2020

🗞️The Wrap: Call Me

How IBM is doing their bit against discrimination, perhaps the most exciting new ETFs in Stake history and retail traders…
The Wrap
June 3, 2020

🗞️The Wrap: June 4th

In The Wrap this week, the Yuan goes digital, IPOs make a comeback and London traders get an early mark…well…
The Wrap
May 27, 2020

🗞️The Wrap: Holiday Spirit

What does a day off mean for markets? What was the biggest fraud in market history? And who’s winning the…
The Wrap
May 20, 2020

🗞️The Wrap: Digital

Dividends on the blockchain, Joe Rogan is MINTED, and Facebook is going the long way around Africa. Enjoy.
The Wrap
May 13, 2020

🗞️The Wrap: Big in Japan

Japan can’t get enough of itself, Jordan journeys to 3 commas, and a chance to make your name as the…
The Wrap
May 6, 2020

🗞️The Wrap: Nikola

Airlines are looking for loose change between seats, be careful who you trust and Tesla has a new rival who…
The Wrap
April 29, 2020

🗞️The Wrap: In Reverse

DraftKings sneaks its way onto the market, Outlook’s got a better outlook than the US government and FOMO is affecting…
The Wrap
April 22, 2020

🗞️The Wrap: Flood

What’s this inflation you speak of? Free houses, free oil and cheap onions. We’re looking at market inefficiencies and anomalies.
The Wrap
April 15, 2020

🗞️The Wrap: Drink Bake Lift

We look at what you’re searching for and buying up. Breaking down some of the economic alphabet soup and debuting…
The Wrap
April 8, 2020

🗞️The Wrap: Coffee Break

This week we go abstract with volatility, see more circuit breakers and hang out in our socks.
The Wrap
April 1, 2020

🗞️The Wrap: Buyback

Billionaires are printing money as stocks get bought back by the billions and a look back at the most expensive…
The Wrap
March 25, 2020

🗞️The Wrap: Going Low

Oil is going low, FIFA and COD servers are getting a serious workout and we see the serious downside of…
The Wrap
March 18, 2020

🗞️The Wrap: Flat-Footed

Dollar bills are getting exxy, the investing Gods are being humbled, and we’ve got that LVMH hand sanitiser. Plus, another…
The Wrap
March 11, 2020

🗞️The Wrap: Pandemonium

Tankers are flying, bonds are as complex as ever, and there’s money being made through the bleakness. Read on for…
The Wrap
March 4, 2020

🗞️The Wrap: Apply Within

We’re giving job seekers a helping hand, looking into the past and taking a take a deep-dive into what all…
The Wrap
February 26, 2020

🗞️The Wrap: All Stars

We’re talking Magic Metal (not an obscure punk rock genre), the MVPs of volatility, the MBAs behind the NBA and…

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