Stocks in Socks

Discussing the markets during COVID-19 from our homes, in our socks.

Episode 7: David Koch

You may have seen him on your TV but have you seen him in his socks? In this Ep of Stocks In Socks, Matt sits down with David Koch, Finance Editor & ausbiz Chairman, to talk about his start in the world of finance, investing highs and lows and his opinion on the markets during COVID-19.


28th May 2020 | 22 minutes

Episode 6: Yoshi Yokokawa

From algo trading to Y Combinator, in this Ep of Stocks In Socks, Matt sits down with Alpaca Co-Founder, Yoshi Yokokawa. Focused on building innovative investing experiences, Yoshi gives us a look into the ‘tech’ side of fintech.


21st May 2020 | 20 minutes

Episode 5: ausbiz

From the world of institutional banking to AusBiz news anchor, in this Ep of Stocks In Socks, Matt sits down with David Scutt to talk the markets during COVID with a focus on what their recovery might look like.

14th May 2020 | 19 minutes

Episode 4: Scott Phillips

With over 20 years of experience, hear Scott’s take on investing in the current economic climate and some interesting considerations for your investment strategy.

7th May 2020 | 30 minutes

Episode 3: Equity Mates

As economic fallout from COVID-19 continues we sit down with Bryce and Alec from Equity Mates to talk bull traps, changing investment strategies and betting on US politics.

30th April 2020 | 38 minutes

Episode 2: Chris Judd

Discussing Chris’ journey from footy to full-time investor, we take a look at what’s been happening within the Small Cap space during COVID and the other opportunities that are emerging for Chris.

22nd April 2020 | 26 minutes

Episode 1: Aussie Wealth Creation

We sit down with Brandon from Aussie Wealth creation and discuss the differences in how long term and short term investors might be seeing the opportunities in the markets during COVID-19.

14th April 2020 | 27 minutes