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What countries can I sign up from?

We’re currently actively operating in Australia with customers located all around the world. We’ll be coming to the UK, EEA and New Zealand shortly!

What are the costs to trade on Stake?

We’ve been scratching our heads for years at how difficult and expensive it was to access the US markets from all corners of the world. That’s why we’re here. Now you can make mark in the world’s largest share market more simply with zero brokerage fees. See our pricing page for a full breakdown.

I have USD, can I transfer them in?

You can. We have customers who have USD already or have an FX service they like to use.  They regularly transfer USD this way into their trading account. There is a flat fee of US$5 to transfer any amount of USD into your Stake account. You can find the details to make a USD transfer in at the Profile Section of your Stake account.