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What countries can I sign up from?

Stake is currently available to those that live in Australia and the UK. We’ll be in Europe and New Zealand shortly as we continue to expand globally this year.

What are the costs to trade on Stake?

We’d been scratching our heads for years at how expensive accessing the US markets from outside of the US was and how difficult getting transparency of brokerage costs was. We don’t settle for that. So we’ve simplified our pricing into all-in, upfront and low cost Brokerage Packs (including a completely free pack) so you can access the US affordably and without any hidden fees. Visit our pricing page for full details.

I have USD, can I transfer them in?

You can, whether you have USD already or have an FX service you like to use. There is a flat fee of US$5 to transfer any amount of USD into your Stake account. You can find the details to make a USD transfer in the Profile Section of your Stake account.

I heard I can trade on unsettled funds. How can I access this feature?

Trading on unsettled funds is available as part of Stake Black, our premium brokerage pack. Until July 1, 2020 Stake Black is free of charge for those with account values over US$30k. Learn more here.