New Release, Fresh Updates

A Walk Down Wall St

Explore the brand new Markets page, giving you a simple yet detailed snapshot of the market in your palm. Just click the ‘Wall St’ tab.

Start your morning with a look at the major indices and indicators; the S&P500, the Russell. Gold and the VIX. Know what the markets are doing and why, with an integrated news feed, showing the headlines as well as more niche analysis of the markets and individual stocks. 

Seeking trade inspiration? Take a look through our ‘Strategies’ filters. Find the stocks making highs, the tickers you need to short the market or take a safer route and invest in the highest dividend paying stocks.

Hello, Dashboard.

See where you stand in a snap with a refreshed layout of what was the Portfolio page. The new Dashboard page gives you a detailed overview of your positions, cash balances and orders.

Report Time

We’ve delivered more clarity and information on logs and reports. 

Want to check your exact trade execution prices? Access all trade confirmations and execution details from your activity log. This is useful when buying a share again after you’ve sold it in the past; it helps to reference your past entry and exit prices. 

What else? Monthly account statements are all viewable and downloadable from the site. You can also now see any dividends you’ve received in your activity logs; something we know you’ll be excited by.

Finer Detail and Clarity

The information and figures that matter to you most are viewable with a click and a glance.

At any point, get a snapshot of your Equity Value, Buying Power, Unsettled Trades, Funds Available for Withdrawal and more. All of this in a new, cleaner layout that makes it even simpler to view.

Trading on Unsettled Funds

It has arrived. A popularly requested feature, you can now reinvest funds from a share sale before they have actually settled. This feature is available to those with account values over US$30k through Stake Black.

If you don’t have this account value but want to take advantage of this feature, simply top up your account over US$30k and you’ll have access by next market open.

Read more about it on our blog or in the app.

Lightning Fast Trade Execution

Trade execution speeds are at never before experienced levels. Improving our latency has delivered a lightning fast trading experience. This is a factor we will forever endeavour to improve as we aim to deliver the best trading experience possible.

More to Come

We’re committed to constantly improving of our product and shaping the Stake experience around the needs of our customers.

So update your app now and keep sharing all of your thoughts with us, your feedback helps us grow.