It’s time.


Commission-free access to the US stock market is coming this August.

For too long, accessing the US stock market has been too hard and too expensive for those in Brazil. Who told us? You did.

Thanks to your interest and feedback, this August on Stake you can sign up, fund your account and be in the US market, commission-free. All in under 5 minutes.

No more paying per trade. No more unclear currency transfers. No more settling for the Bovespa because “it’s just too complicated” to invest in the US.

It’s time to make your mark on the world’s biggest stock market.

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How we got here

Stake is for trailblazers and mavericks, always looking to make more of themselves. A movement of people around the world that don’t accept being limited by where they live.

So we built Stake to open the world’s largest stock market to the rest of the world. From the moment we launched in 2017, we began breaking down the barriers that prevented those outside the US from accessing the incredible opportunities on Wall Street. Since then, you have been asking to make Stake available to them too.

In 2018, we started working with the CVM to bring Wall Street to you. With thousands of Brazilians having joined our waitlist, we’re excited to be launching this August. Our intuitive and seamless product gives every investor and trader unrivalled access to make their mark in the US stock market.

So in just a few weeks, you will be part of the revolution in how you can invest in companies like Apple, Facebook, Mercado Libre and Nike and access the biggest and most dynamic ETF market in the world.

What you’ll get from Stake

You’re getting access to the US stock market like you’ve never had before. At launch, you’ll get all of the following in the palm of your hands:

  • A fully-regulated US dollar brokerage account to keep USD or invest in US stocks
  • Unlimited commission-free trading on over 3,500 US stocks and ETFs
  • Access to fractional shares
  • Low cost, fast and secure currency conversion to fund your account. TED transfers from your local bank account means you’ll know the exact FX rate, fees and time your funds will arrive
  • A Stake team, with native Portuguese speakers who know the market
  • 5 minute sign up with digital verification, and without any paper forms
  • A free US stock (Nike, Dropbox or GoPro) when you sign up and then fund within 24 hours

All of this delivered through an intuitive platform experience. Our mobile app is the first to launch with the web (on desktop) following shortly after.

You’ll also get 100% effort from us. We’re on a mission to break down the barriers that prevented those outside the US from accessing the world’s biggest and most dynamic market. We’re on a journey to take you to Wall St, and we’re here to listen and constantly challenge what can be done. Our community makes us better and drives all of us forward – so send through ideas, feedback and spread the word. We’re changing the game together.

It’s time

If you’re up for making more of yourself and someone who jumps into things before anyone else, your time is now.  

We’re celebrating you with our Stake Founders Club, giving those first on Stake exclusive access before anyone else plus much more. 

To learn about the Founders Club and what you’ll be able to achieve with Stake, check out our launch page and change the face of investing with us.

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