How do I know if my trade has been executed?


For all executed trades, you will receive a confirmation by email and also receive a PDF confirmation inside your Account tab on Stake. PDF confirmations are available around 1 day after the trade date.

You may receive multiple email confirmations if you trade was:

  • A fractional trade with more that one share (i.e. 4.3432 units) - the fractional component and the whole share component will appear on different emails.
  • Your trade was executed through multiple trades - this is common for larger trades, which get executed at different times due to market liquidity.

Partial Fills

A partial fill or execution means that only some of your order got filled. This is only likely to happen with a limit order, where a percentage of your resting order did not trade. In this event, you will only receive a confirmation for the executed component. 

If your limit order is cleared at the end of the day (limit orders are currently only good-til-close), you will not have the rest of your order executed unless you re-enter that order.

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