Super by Stake - Be Your Own Super Fund
Introducing Super by Stake

Our mission is to break barriers between people and financial opportunities.

We’ve done this by giving over 160,000 people commission free access to the US stock market. Now, we’re breaking the barriers between you and your super.

Recently, you might’ve seen a number of “new generation” super funds standing on their soapboxes, promising greater transparency and “game-changing” investment opportunities to grab your attention. But did they make super better or really give you any more clarity or control? No. These ‘space shuttles’ (read: ships) have failed to deliver.

They failed because they didn’t actually change anything. Instead they just repackage the same traditional, old-school super fund approach in a new box. The same antiquated approach that more Australians are turning their backs on every year. As of 2020, a third of Australia’s $2.9 trillion (yes, TRILLION) in retirement savings is not held with retail and industry super funds, instead being put toward a more self-directed approach.

So that’s where we are putting our energy. Into an approach that Australians actually want and one that will genuinely make a difference. Super by Stake will be a simple and extremely cost effective self-managed super fund (SMSF) solution, designed for a new generation of investors.

Why SMSF, you ask? Because when we spoke to you about how you see yourself and your money, it was to make it and manage it yourself. You wanted to have choice, control and transparency. And nothing does that better for your superannuation than an SMSF. As the trustee and investment manager, you unlock your super and invest it directly in what you want. You become your own superfund.

SMSFs aren’t new. Though the way they’re currently offered is complicated and expensive; not to mention the myths out there about them only being suitable for super-high net worths. Too many young, savvy investors are defaulting their biggest life savings into the hands of opaque superfunds where they have limited choice and have zero control. We call bull on all of that.

Our service will enable you to set up and run your own SMSF simply and extremely cost effectively. Like we did for investing in the US directly, we’ll do this by being a tech-enabled platform. With a few details and a few clicks, we’ll set up your SMSF and make it easy to transfer-in your existing super. We’ll take care of all the ongoing reporting with the ATO as well as the annual audit, all at an affordable price.

All you have to do is invest your money the way you want. We’ll sort out the rest!

By being your own super fund, your superannuation monies are in your hands and you can invest directly into the US stock market via Stake or into the ASX with our other brokers.

Want more flexibility to invest in other allowable SMSF investments? We can help you there too. We’ll offer those who want it, a larger investment universe through a more personalised, bespoke SMSF service.

We’re super serious about super disruption. That’s why we’ve brought industry heavyweight, Kris Kitto, into the Stake team. Kris has almost 20 years experience working with SMSF clients and building successful, award-winning businesses. Kris is a Chartered Accountant, SMSF Specialist Advisor, Tax Agent and is highly regarded in the SMSF community. He’s also a long term Stake customer!

We will shortly be launching our SMSF pilot program to a limited number of customers only. So if you haven’t already, join the Super by Stake first access list here.