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Trade 6,000+ US stocks.

Stake lets you trade the US market with $0 brokerage fees.

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Own Wall St

Trade 6,000+ US stocks and ETFs.

No fees per trade

$0 brokerage and no FX fees per trade. Pricing details.

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Seamless, modern, clean.

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Real equities. Own the shares. Insurance up to US$500k.

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Welcome to the new era of brokerage

Great app. No trade fees - makes trading stock easier to manage without having to account for a skim off the top for each buy and sell.


The support is very good and very quick. I stuffed up my banking details and within hours I was being personally looked after and had everything fixed up.

Peter G

Stake lifts the bar for trading US stocks and ETFs.

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Stake's users triple in 9 months, with Aussies trading $1.54 billion in just 7 weeks.

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Love the fact that you can buy and sell without any fees. Also the app is easy to use and intuitive.


Love the simple UI and the market data for each share. Whether to buy sell or hold from leading financial institutions. Thanks.


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Start ahead of the game. Get a free stock in one of Nike, Dropbox, GoPro or a mystery stock when you sign up and fund your account within 24 hours.